"I SAID WHAT I SAID" w/ Garahbrie: Caer of Miras 9 (comic)

Ever heard of Caer of Miras 9?

Caer of Mira 9 is a comic line created by Ian Corrao. Ian is a dope illustrator I first met on one of my very first CopyWrite assignments. My eyes instantly shot over to the area he had set up displaying his work and the rest is history. Ian is currently in the process of getting his comic Caer of Miras 9 made into an animated series (created by him of course), all while maintaining the comic itself and managing another comic line he created called Zombiehood, which is also a pretty great read! One of the biggest things that Ian stressed in the interview is how badly he wants to connect with other creatives in the area, so feel free to reach out to him with any ideas you have!

(Here is a sneak peek of his work & process)

cara 1.JPG


Ian and I even took it to the next level and he made me into a comic! It allowed me to dig a little deeper and get into more of Ian’s creative practices. He asked me things like; my favorite color, things I value, superheros that I like, and super powers that I would want! Can You answer those questions based on the comic below? Send your answers to CopyWrite.MKE@gmail.com, the first person to answer those questions correctly will be receiving a little something sweet from us here at CopyWrite. See? The intern loves you!

gra comic.JPG


We need: ONE favorite color, TWO things that I may value, TWO Superheros that may be my favorite (can be male or female, or anywhere in between), and THREE superpowers that I would want!

In the meantime, feel to follow Caer of Miras 9 on Instagram and Twitter @caerofmiras9 THEN check out the comic itself at



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