Kaylon Raps - Solitary

Today’s submission was sent in by Kaylon Raps! At CopyWrite, we want artists to be able to communicate their creative message the way they want it to be received. Music is always up for interpretation, however for this review, there was no better way to introduce you to Kaylon than to let his words speak for himself. Vibe out! ✌🏽

“Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. Solitary is a song that describes the struggle between our natural ability to Love, yet the rejection of that same Love. An endless battle within oneself until something valuable is lost. It's only then do we feel the regret.  

Solitary is available on all streaming platforms and will be featured on Kaylon's upcoming debut EP entitled "Everything In Between", which is set to be released on October 23rd, 2018.  

Milwaukee-native, Kaylon Raps, aims to move a culture with paradigm shifting messages to excite and inspire the listener's ear. His journey towards reshaping the identity of a culture through music began when he was 21. Kaylon crafted his first mixtape in the Fall of 2012 (Despite Opposition Vol. 1), followed by the release of Despite Opposition Vol 2, in December of 2014, known most notably for the track “Jesus Piece” which gained over 25 thousand listens when featured by Rapzilla, showing early on, that Kaylon was an MC to be reckoned with.

The transformation of his music over the years has been evident. Treating each project like the pages of a diary, Kaylon’s music reflects his deepest personal experiences; the very experiences that have helped to shape his unique sound. This unique sound is both familiar and distinctive—greatly influenced by classic hip hop, jazz and the gospel melodies of his youth.”