Satori IV - Took A Risk (Video Submission)

Have you ever watched a music video and immediately knew it was a hit, like a legit bop? That’s exactly how we felt after watching Satori IV’s video “Took A Risk.” The production of the video itself gets a round of applause and not one, but two hand claps, OK! The black and white visuals really gives it a vintage feel, making the few scenes of color really pop and stand out. And we can all relate to it because c’mon, everybody gotta take a risk sometime!

“Satori IV returns with his second single for his Underdog Season project, Took A Risk. With visuals to assist, Satori brings the essence of what it means to be an underdog and how to use it to your advantage. As the Milwaukee native traverses through L.A., he reminisces on the sacrifices and risks made to get thus far. Produced by frequent collaborator 4Keys, the 808s carry the crooners melodies into the leap of faith that some are afraid to take.”

You can find “Took A Risk” on all platforms. And make sure you support Satori IV’s upcoming project, Underdog Season, dropping this month.

Now add this song to your playlist, get in ya car and ride out!

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