King Myles - Horizons (Debut Album)

We know y’all know who King Myles is, from reading our previous review of his song C.I.M.P., but he is back with even more bangers on his newly released album “Horizons.”

“Horizons begins with King Myles waking up from a dream on the album's Intro, "Sunrise," and checking the messages on his phone in "Missed Calls." The project then proceeds to follow King Myles' thoughts and emotions throughout the day, where he hits a turning point on the album's Interlude, "Horizons." From that point on, he hits an emotional roadblock in "Shipwrecked," but digs deep to find ways to cope with his lows as we journey through the next few songs and come to the end of the day with the closing song, "Sunset."”

King Myles has some dope in-house collaborations from Hiii Tribe Collective, and special features with Mitch Pe$oz, Shle Berry and Sparkus, just to name a few.

"Horizons" is available on or on all streaming platforms. You can find the King Myles online EPK at