#CWMerchMonday - @nofingerprints_lp

Today’s #CWMerchMonday is from @nofingerprints_lp

Item: Camouflaged Quirk Hoodie

Our Mission: 

“To Provide Today’s Generation with Premier Design and Fashion

Reminding them that you do not have to leave behind “negative” Fingerprints to determine who you are as a person. 

It takes Strength, Determination, Hardwork and Passion to be successful.”

*Nofingerprints LP also has a ton of events and community activities that they host periodically. Ex: Lupus Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Thanksgiving Full Dinner Drop offs(Blessings in a Bag), Back 2 School Event (supplies, free food, face painting, free haircuts,  MFD, etc.).

Follow them on instagram (@nofingerprints_lp) and check out more at www.nofingerprintsnfp.com