Dirty Thoughts - Watch me 'Red Mercedes'

I have been running Amine lyrics from ‘Red Mercedes’, through my mind all day. More specifically, the part that goes “Attitude like f**k you, pay me”.

But whhhhhhhhy?

I mean it's the ego and vibe. It's being generated at a different speed nowadays. An absolutely uncomfortable speed, but it looks so good, hence the ‘Red Mercedes” (it's all applicable). So as the ego trip is being served with some much-needed humility, there is still a moment to stunt.  

“Looking out my rearview, all I see is haters (hatin') This is just a preview, I use my gas for later (maybe!)”

Really, I have noticed that where my moves have become more public, so does the eagerness to knock me down a peg. It's a rough symbiosis. Where my personal quest has always been to use my skills as an extension to help others, those moves are not always beneficial to self. Where they are not beneficial to self, they are also fuel for the most basic parasitic human beings to latch on and either try to sabotage my efforts or use me for all I have.  But here is the thing, I have noticed. So as I revamp my lifestyle to press on issues that I and other heroes of our time think are important like social equality, faces of color shown thriving in creative fields (Black Panther for the win #WakandaForever), an increase in  institutional humanity (world domination through economic gain is not what we should be going for, as history has shown) and any other “deep” concepts that we wish were common sense, I am encouraging people to “try me”.

Like really, come for me if you have to. It's good exercise for me, to still prosper when obstacles are in my way. It's the age-old mantra (from the O’G’s at least), “let the hateration be your motivation”. I take this up a notch and ask, “But can you pay me though?” and even if the response to that rhetorical question is yes, I still push on and say “well do it then”.

As I play my role in a world that I’m  still trying to help cultivate there is still a moment to “stunt” and  I haven't even collected on my “invoices”... yet. It still looks good from over there and if I must be honest…it actually is pretty darn sweet. I just have to become more comfortable demanding mines.

So my message this time around is this: Stunt with a mission. Then send the bill.