"I SAID WHAT I SAID" w/ Garahbrie: Neisha Neshae 'Im'a Go Crazy'

Detroit artist Neisha Neshae first caught my attention with “Im’a Go Crazy” a single that explicitly states PLAY WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO! With 1 million views on YouTube, it’s definitely a banger and I’ve followed her since.

As an intern for CopyWrite and as I amp up for OMGARAHBRIE a new sound is always something that I’m looking for and is always worth mentioning.

Neisha has managed to gain 90,000+ followers on Instagram and performs regularly.  Her online presence is everything, as she makes sure to interact with followers as much as possible. Her vibrant personality shines through in every project she releases and it’s really refreshing to hear an artist claim their own sound and FLAUNT IT!

Be sure to check out Neisha’s single “Im’a Go Crazy” from her project Queenin’ and let us know what you think!