#WCW Aja Janay of Heal + Glow

“Close your eyes. Then breathe in; breathe out.

Take a moment for you.”

This is why I love yoga and meditation. It’s not about anyone else other than yourself. It’s a time to be selfish; to check in with yourself and to remind yourself of how you’re feeling at that moment.

This is why this month’s #WCW is Aja Janay; the creative director and founder of heal + glow. She “began making candles during my time as an undergraduate to relieve [her] … stress, anxiety and moments of deep depression. During those really dark moments of sadness, the flames of each [lit] candle reminded [her] that there's always a little bit of light in a space full of darkness. This light did not come easy. [She] had to fight for the light.  [She] was forced to journey into the crevasses of my being to find what was there.” 

Photo by FreakishNerd for Papyrus and Charms

Photo by FreakishNerd for Papyrus and Charms

heal + glow is a candle line but it’s also more than that. They use their online and social platforms to discuss and share self-love and self- care along with visual arts, literature, performing arts, and the latest in fashion and beauty.

But back to the candles, their packaging is beautiful. The scents are magical and their perfect “to add to your meditation practices, your alters for rituals, or to your relaxing baths.” A FreakishNerd favorite is the Egyptian Amber; because well, who doesn’t love Amber candles? And I'll be buying some new additions to my candle collection soon. :) 


Follow Aja at @ajajanay or heal+glow’s Instagram @healglow. Read their amazing blog for some motivation and Black girl magic then buy a candle so your practice, home and bath are on point here.                                                                

Thanks for being beautiful inside and out Aja.