Taiyamo Denku - 'Enuff is Enuff'

We have to take the vibe a bit back...Remember when emcee’s actually had something to say? When they would stay on beat and the rhyme didn't have to rhyme as long as you felt the message? Nahhh? Too far back? Well, Taiyamo Denku is bringing us a little nostalgia with the classic boom-bap beat from Dcypha,  that reminds us of where the culture came from and well what some have to say about it now.

‘Enuff is Enuff’, is Taiyamo Denku reflection of those things that Hip-Hop has become, how society is pushing it and maybe a bit of truth of how it's not all that it's cracked up to be. So should we listen to our “Old Heads” or are they just making noise?

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