Satori - Catphone

This time around we are going to let the submission speak for its self:

"Satori has been laying low following his Rolling Loud performance, but with summer only a few months away, the Milwaukee crooner is ready to get back on the hit-making train with more than just this surprise track. A collaboration with fellow MKE producer, LeanBeatz, was the perfect way to show fans what Satori has been cooking up in the past few months and gives us a taste of what to expect next. Be sure to cruise to this one on a late night drive..."

We have so many things to say (like but why Catphone though Satori...whyyyyy??? What is a Catphone? How do you call it? Is that just another way to say you got P*ssy on the line? We have questions! lol) but we want to hear what you think. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.