#WCW Ebony Haynes - Double Dutch to Dreams

My #WCW was picked for multiple reasons. The first being that she’s been popping up on my timeline a lot because she’s on the countdown to get married and I’m definitely a sucker for Black Love coming thru and shining. #Goals #LiveLoveLewis #SorryForBeingACreeper But aren’t they adorable?

When she’s not making me extremely happy for her happiness, Ebony Haynes is just an overall beautiful soul to be around. By day she’s a Program Manager at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and by night, she founded and operates Double Dutch to Dreams. “A movement designed to inspire kids to be kids through the reinforcement of positive images, healthy fun activities and community building [with a] focus on life skills and personal values training.”

Ebony has “always been passionate about working with youth and over the past few years she realized the many disparities hindering their growth. She wanted to find a way to engage youth and young adults to help keep them active and growing to their best selves. Double Dutch was one of many ways she remembers having fun, being active and in the community growing and building with one another.”

I definitely was more of a turner but I definitely would step in the cords when I was feeling brave enough hahaa.

Overall, I can’t get enough of her positive energy, wisdom and the honest glow that radiates from this lady. She has a huge heart that literally shows by a simple conversation and we’re taking a second to appreciate it.  


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Learn more about Double Dutch to Dreams and how to donate to the movement at doubledutchtodreams.com.