Jeronica Brister - New Creature (Poem Submission)

Jeronica Brister, hosted an album release party last Saturday to reveal her long-awaited poetic album 'Sins and Flaws'. With her warm presence of soul reaching linguistics, she is encapsulating what has been pushed aside in the art of truth telling. Hungry for more, we thought it only right we give you a taste of 'Sins and Flaws' and the creative spirit that is Jeronica.

Read 'New Creature' here and let us know what you think.


New Creature

I sprinkled ashes across the sands of the beach of my past. 

Phoenix arisen, 

Visions of me never going back there. 

Back when weakness was my strength. 

When strength was perpendicular to wall guards and closed iron doors. 

Doubled, open. 

But before, praises were given in hallways long enough to cast my demons. 

Demanding my spirit was. 

Denying my soul became. 

So I ran until run couldn't go no more. 

Piercing the veil of strongholds. 

I never knew had hold of me. 

In me. 


A new thing. 

New being. 

New day. 

Surfing clouds. 

Catching sun rays. 

This here is a new wave. 

So I'm sprinting through every door open. 

Deadbolting every closed one. 

And embracing Everything God has for me.

sins and flaws.jpg

You can buy hard copies of 'Sins and Flaws' at and stream through the links below: