Deonte Neely - Spiritual [Official Video] * COPYWRITE OFFICIAL DROP*

New video from Deonte Neely premiering here on

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Deonte Neely’s new video ‘Spiritual’ featuring  WillTheGlide, shot by Antoine Davis, is 1 minute and 15 seconds of well-connected feels. As Deonte puts down his cell phone and picks up the hand of his smiling “muse”, he lets his smooth raps tell her about the manifestation of their connection.

Witty, vibey, springy (enough), complemented by great production and playful imagery, It gives a quick look at what local collaboration and music culture are conjuring up.

Is this palatable enough for the lusty, the love-struck, and the mid-ground hybrids most of us have turned into? Maybe. I mean everyone wants somebody to think their spiritual “aura glows” . . . right? Lol

See it here first. Tell babe later.

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