Kaleo Musiq - Forced to Speak (EP)

Eager are we? It may be an understatement.

Kaleo Musiq has been popping up all over the city, with showcases, music connects and unyielding management lol. He came on our radar after our Editor-in-Chief, Dirty, randomly popped up at 2035 Studios where he just so happened to be in the booth.

His EP ‘Forced To Speak’, places pressure on the “why?” factor that lingers above most musical artist and tells us about his motivations, as it “walks listeners through several hardships faced in life, the value of Self-confidence and the importance of vocalizing our truths.” (says Kaleo Musiq’s camp).

So what do we think…?

There is a place for this. There is a place for truth balance with hood notes and soul bending. There is a place for self-elevation and shared headspace that says I’m “Doing Better”. There is something there. Arguably, it's not all fleshed out but usually, it isn't until you realize that telling your story is the therapy and what the audience wants to know is are they Free To Listen? Kaleo Musiq’s ‘Forced To Listen’ is paced, strategic, but the voids….hmmm maybe its a test.

Our favorite tracks: ‘History’ & ‘Old Days’ - The wordplay and culture balance for the win!

Check out ‘Forced To Speak’ and let us know if you want more Kaleo Musiq in the comments below.

(Also available on all digital streaming services)