Dirty Thoughts - May I, May I (I May)

May is my month! Not only was I born in this magnificent time of year (where my Taurus instinct become fully loaded) but it is also always a month filled with the ambiance of completion. The last projects of the semester are in, people are graduating, winter has fully sprung (right into summer this year lol) and it's sundress season. (Is that last one relevant? Maybe not but it was necessary because it completes me! Haaaaaa!). The city just seems to become so lively, and after all the seasonal depression fade away,  I jump into my car with the sunroof down and the music loud, and  I remember how much I love it here.

Idk if its the street festivals (Check out this pic snagged by Jordan [@lime.slippers] of me, /CW PR Tiffany & some of our biggest supporters at the 7th Annual Heal The Hood MKE Block Party)...


Or maybe its the ability to sit outside at a coffee shop or go for a walk, or be anywhere but nowhere in the elements but everything, even the lows just feel so much better. On a personal level, I have lost a loved one, been threatened, physically attacked, and have had to deal with some very dramatic interactions this month alone… Yet, still, I’m just in a great mood (& unphased!)

What a win!
I’m just saying if Drake can drop the ‘Duppy Freestyle’, Pusha T cannot respond for days,  I can still cry when ‘Nice for What’ comes on (Yes! That song makes me cry. It's just so symbolic yall just don't knowwwwwwwww *tear*), and Kanye can still be overweight after lipo, called a rapper after ‘Lift Yourself’ and we can all still save money by switching to Geico, then life is good!

As I have been saying all May, “Life is a Comedy. Don't let this society convince you it's a Drama”.

Every little bit of positivity goes a long way and a smile can break a Bi**h. 
Please enjoy this summer! Say hey, if you see me and the /CW Squad at these events AND


(Now time for a root beer float).