Kale Noel - Quiet The Room (w/ various local features)

“I'm talking about building a nation inside of a nation” #PAUSE

When the first line on the track sets the tone like that, we are paying attention...Had to run it back and literally silence everything else. #PLAY

Kale Noel, has set up a local collaboration with "Quiet the Room" feat. M.A Johnson, B. Justice, Sharrod Sloans, Numero 8, Dres, Launde, Benton, for some smooth ego, clarifying, and self reflecting real talk.

He states in his submission, “At the end of the day My goal was to encourage unification in the city. Not just for music but unification as a practice“.  If this is what unity gets us we need more.

If this is the Urban creativity that we can expect on Kale Noel’s album “AFTER I LEFT” slated to be released this fall, then we can't wait.

Check out the track below and if you like what you hear hit the heart! We might just add this one to our CopyWrite Approved playlist.