King Myles - "C.I.M.P." Ft. Spaidez (Video Submission)

Looks like MKE talent is sending out Subliminals all  Summer 2018. King Myles is back it again with his video "C.I.M.P.," featuring Spaidez, which stands for "Change In My Pocket".

"C.I.M.P." is song about the concept of sacrificing monetary gain for the sake of creating real change and authentic art. Throughout the song there are many connections to the issues that the average person in Milwaukee and thousands of other cities confront on a daily basis. With these issues in mind, King Myles and Spaidez still hold a positive vibe, hinting at the fact that we were all put on this Earth for a purpose and that all of our lives have a meaning. We can all bring positivity into this life for free.”

Hmmmmmm Okaaaayyyy! (Oh and we see how you flipped the P.I.M.P)

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