Jay Yung - CLVRITY (Debut Project)

The tide has shifted. Where industry sound has been shifting to unorthodox lows in quality, substance, and relevance, other artists are honing in on self-accountability, reflection, ambition and “CLVRITY” (clarity).

Jay Yung’s debut project “CLVRITY” is a thoroughly thought out compilation of more mature agendas, were his tracks breath connected themes of reality showing face, and his choices to survive such intimate adversities became his truth. The more mellow beats, old-school samples, and interludes are grasping in their aura of authenticity.

The artist himself claims that this project is quite introverted, allowing him to “ ask a lot of questions and...own the imperfections and qualities that make me”. Without a doubt song 1 “Indecisions” (Prod. C.U.T.S), is our favorite track. What a way to start a project! It was uncensored, very raw in emotions, and well...it hit home. It also has made into our “/CW Approved” playlist on SoundCloud!

Jay Yung’s delivery is natural. The cadence seeming very unrehearsed, which we believe works well on this type of project. It's a solid project, with room for technical tweaks, but as a reflection piece, it is unflawed. We believe that anyone who may need a moment to reflect should check this one out.

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So what’s next for Jay Yung?

“Honestly, Bruh...Growth”.