Taiyamo Denku - Fabulous Life ( Feat Lil Kim & The Genius )

Taiyamo Denku is back with his final single release ‘Fabulous Life’ before his project "No Industry Standard" drops later this month. With consistent thematics of hip-hop’s early origins and authenticity, he challenges new era practices with a critical lens.

“Yall ruined this hip-hop” he claims at only 1:00 minute in, and right before that we are pretty sure he took a shot at Lil Baby (which is pretty much fair game lol).

Mind you this track also features Lil Kim (Well ain't that something?) On her classic boastful, nasty girl getting money steez. The Genius out Boston is also featured, so yeah...there is a lot going on in hip hop, might as well add this to the ring!

I mean is this a low-key hybrid diss track about the new waves or hip-hop or are reading in to deep???

Still, this is indeed the Fabulous Life!

Check out this track and leave us a comment on it bellow!

(Actually we really want to know what you think of Lil Kim as a feature.)