#WCW Rosha Brister

In honor of her birthday today, my #WCW goes to Rosha Brister.



Rosha Brister is the owner and founder of The Style Hub, an online style directory where you will be able to locate all of your local stylists in one place. Basically Rosha is dope and can connect you with the people that you need for all things fashion and style related. In addition, Rosha has been a continuous supporter and Head stylist of CopyWrite over the years helping to bring our fashion spreads to life all while just being an amazing woman to see grow.


This boss lady is creative, kind, has amazing locs and the most beautiful soul. I’ve been  very lucky to know her and super excited to see her impact on the Fashion community of Milwaukee. One of the things I’m really excited for is an event called, 'The Battle of Salons & Style Expo.” It’s an opportunity for stylists in hair, beauty and fashion to brand, expand, and showcase their expertise in the beauty, fashion & style industries all under one roof.

Click the image above to learn more and buy a ticket! You won’t want to miss this. #ImThePlug #ItsADopeEvent

I’m also excited about her newest initiative "MPowerment In Style" where The Style Hub along with RW Enterprises and Copywrite has teamed together to create something new for the community.  The goals of this initiative are to provide young adults with expertise in event management, business to business relations and knowledge within the style industry, while building confidence and cultivating a sense of community. The kick off to this initiative will start as early as 2019. And not only is this an opportunity I wish I had growing up but it also is something that could help move Milwaukee to become a more fashionable city. YESSSSS for The Style Hub.


All in all, Thank you Rosha.

CopyWrite appreciates everything you do and everything you create to make Milwaukee a more fashion forward and BETTER place.

Follow Rosha for fashion inspiration on Instagram @sheezylocsem and keep up with her brand on Instagram @_thestylehub or on Facebook @thestylehubmke