#WeeSeeYou: El Color De La Libertad (The Color of Freedom) - Ft. Latino Youth, MC(mikal), Klassik & SistaStrings

“We call America the land of the free for a reason and we are still waiting for freedom”, the voice of the youth is shaking the narrative.



“Amidst divisive national debate over immigration and policies that separate families, the new student lead music video El Color De La Libertad gives voice to Latino youth, providing a powerful perspective on freedom in the United States”, says project representatives in their submission. We have all seen it. The images, the news reports, and even the heartbreaking personal testimonies from those affected but still have the platform to speak. But what about our youth?

Through collaboration between Jazale’s Art Studio and Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School, El Color De La Libertad (The Color of Freedom) uses the words of Latino 7th grade students with the talents of Milwaukee-based musicians MC(Mikal), Klassik, SistaStrings, and filmmaker Wes Tank to produce a video that depicts the youth narrative and positive creative process to shed light on the subject.

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Spearheaded by Lead Teacher, Nora Justin, and Lead Artist, Mikal Floyd-Pruitt known on stage as, MC(Mikal) the project that started in 2017 now has something to show, that disseminates more impact and reality then most national broadcast may ever display.  Its bright colors, unifying aura and relatable production inspired by Letter to the Free, by Common, is an empowering and might we say emotional watch. (A few tears of community joy may have been dropped in the first viewing. Don’t judge! lol)

More of this is needed in the world, in our country, in our state, in our city, and in our community. Any disenfranchisement of a people is an issue that we all have to creatively address.

¿Qué son Los Colores de Libertad? All of them!

#WeSeeYou Kids!

Please spread the good vibes, the bright spirits, and the youth voice. They will be our difference.

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