A.C. the Ruler - Cirrocumulus [Project] * COPYWRITE OFFICIAL DROP*

New project from A.C. the Ruler premiering here on Copywritemag.com


cir·ro·cu·mu·lus (noun)

  1. cloud forming a broken layer of small fleecy clouds at high altitude, usually 16,500–45,000 feet

A.C. the Ruler is bringing forward smooth production balanced by calculated bars. His new project ‘Cirrocumulus’ is breathing ground for zoned out vibes, playful banter, and subtle tones of social woes. As A.C. the Ruler reminds us of Wiz Khalifa’s fugazi in his interlude scene, he gives 13 tracks of foggy head space that is very revealing of young chill life positioning. But the use of horns, slow pace tempos and layered vocals build the interest, to where the project needs no pause, so just let it play. This project was executive produced by Since’93  & backed by the label ChuVision Entertainment.

Our favorite tracks:

  • Lay Up (feat. FreeThe3rd) - For its soft bounce.
  • Save The World (feat. Sudo Black) - For its wordplay, message, and ripple layering.

So spark up (if you’re into that), lay up (if you have that luxury), and look up because this is that cloud music. A.C. the Ruler is pulling this one out has us thinking, how hazy was the booth. . . and what’s next? The more we listen the more we consider, that it has been a while since the last time we got something this chill, airy, made in such a “thematic” way?

Let us know what you think and if you are connecting with ‘Cirrocumulus’ in the comments below.


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