TrashMan Shunny - CULTURESHOCK (EP)

Seattle’s TrashMan Shunny, the newest member of the Hiii Tribe collective, is stepping in the ring these ways with his new EP ‘CULTURESHOCK’.

His team claims, “Throughout ‘CULTURESHOCK,’ you will find many catchy and charismatic phrases along with TrashMan Shunny's trademark use of Similes”.

 The playful, new era vibes of rap are lingering here. Life is not that serious and neither is this EP. The challenge is the movement of content, can you catch the vibe, do you hear the subtle undertones? Its something there. . . We are not usual ones to compare but we hear some unrefined Mac Miller in this style. Hmmmmm Okay.

Our favorite track: Everyday (Prod. Younng Poet)

 Check out ‘CULTURESHOCK’ and let us know what you think in the comments below.