Fashion Friday with a twist...of honesty

Something Different!

Yoooooo! First off, let's give a shout out one time for the fact that its FRIDAY! Two times for the fact that it’s FASHION FRIDAY! 

I missed you guys last week and to be honest, I’ve been in a funk. Nothing too serious but self-doubt has been eating me up. I enjoy being fashionable because its an enhancement of who I am. I express myself through clothing as I am painfully shy. Lately, I have been questioning if I have what it takes to work side by side with some of the designers and stylists of Milwaukee who have inspired me. Do I have the potential to join the ranks of the very best?

Today, I would like to embrace the glow up! What would we say if given the chance to speak to our younger selves? I say to this 19-year-old Jacob to always believe in yourself no matter what. I would tell him that your path is not determined by what others expect from you. Always know that individuality is what sets you apart from the pack. 


I encourage you all to keep pushing towards what fulfills your spirit. Never let your current situation situate your future destination!

Love MKE,