Joe Quinto - Rehab

“Sike I’ll see your ass in hell”

Ha! Well, tell us how you really feel. Joe Quinto a long time “fan and follower of CopyWrite” (Thank you Joe) has dropped a new song that is giving us nostalgic Gym Class Heroes vibes and witty formulation of destructive traits. His song titled ‘ Rehab’ is “a juxtaposed track that ties a correlation between being in a toxic relationship and the effects of addiction”.

Unlike Amy, Joe is begging to go to Rehab, to get a real fix. With a more upbeat tempo, it takes what could be a sobby scenario and turns it into a POP structured reality.

With a little bit of addiction in all of us, this might just be the tune for you.

Listen and comment below and let us know if ‘Rehab’ is really the place for Joe Quinto to be.