Saint Miguel - SNAKE (Video Submission)

“I really want to highlight the highly underrated side of Milwaukee music. While the (insert MKE rapper name here)  and (insert another MKE rapper name here) have their place, I believe Milwaukee has so much more to offer. . . ” - Saint Miguel


This is shade my friends. . . But as we like to say when fugazi has its moment of relevancy, “ I’ll allow it.”

Why? Because that's why we have a blog at /CW, to challenge the norm and push multiple perspectives of Urban culture & talents.

But anyways, confident in his “more to offer” Saint Miguel has popped up with a video submission for his track ‘SNAKE’ of his recently released project 0730. Young, clever, with those purposefully underwhelming dramatics (that's definitely a thing in 2018, don't fight us on this), this visual is what Saint Miguel wants us to see as his first reach out to our audience.

Clap for’em!

Even if you did low-key downplay what is “representational” to poppin’ music coming out of Milwaukee, the shots fired got you noticed, so there is the #Win.

Word of advice, next time, leave the names out. The work will speak for its self.

Watch the video here, and let us know if you want to hear more from Saint Miguel.