Trouble - Tr3y ft. Aliesa Nicole

Y’all remember back when we were younger and they used to have R&B/Soul videos playing super late at night on BET? I distinctly remember being in the room with my Mom, and Gerald Levert’s video “Funny” was playing while she was doing my hair. I say all that to say, Tr3y’s video “Trouble” featuring Aliesa Nicole really took me back! This video has throwback R&B vibes from beginning to end.

The song is about a man and a woman fooling around and seeing each other when the woman has a boyfriend. They don’t like having to sneak around, but you know the saying, why does everything that’s bad for you feel so good? I’m sure y’all know how that goes…

This video has a real cinematic feel to it and I love the fact that it’s a woman and a man R&B duet because those RARELY happen anymore (even though duets like that made some of the best hits when I was growing up). 

“Trouble” is one of Tr3y’s singles from his upcoming mixtape “Scary Hours 2”.  He recently released a 2-single pack entitled “full moon” which he says is pretty much the prelude to the mixtape. 

Make sure y’all check out this video so y’all can feel the same vibes I felt, or just because I said so and it’s a good song lol