Ave4 - iknwitsalittlelate

“Brooding, Moody, Different is what ave4 sounds like, but he knows no bounds.

A practicing DJ-turned-Producer, ave loves to blend and flip abstract and nostalgic samples to create moods and music that automatically catches the ear.

With influences like Atu, Dpat, Sango, Knxwledge amongst others in the LA beat scene, Ave4 strives to bring that sound to Milwaukee as well as create sounds that last generations to come.

While maintaining a bit of mystery and obscurity in his social media, he aims to make his name count and develop a vibe and feel that isn’t always heard on soundscapes.”

Despite only having a handful of songs out now, His upcoming debut project ‘SUNSET’ is set to drop this year, as his first foray into things officially but will have a lot more dropping this year on SoundCloud as well as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Give him a listen and tell us if he should get the #CopyWrite stamp of approval.