Dirty Thought's - Protecting Your Energy


Yes! I said it. I’m mutha freakin- get out my face- don’t touch me- give me 50 feet- you fake actin- blood sucker- I don’t  kind of way.

So I know I often make the statement that “I don’t like humans!”, or simply that I am not a people person, though many people find it hard to believe and continuously seem to have some kind of gravitational pull toward me. (Why? These are still the mysteries of introvert Lexi and her aura). I say this because social setting take a lot out of me. Negative energy drains me, crowds drive me insane and the way people behave tend to bend me all out of shape. Come to find out its because I am an Empath.

An Empath is “a person with the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual”.

So when you act/feel shitty, I’m catching all of that!

Crazy right? But before I had a word for it anxiousness, fatigue and depression would come over me and I had to learn to deal, in order to survive.

Of course I have had several hiccups in my tactics but protecting my energy has become very important to me so am more cautious in who I spend my time with, how long I interact with people (even people I love) and how I move through social settings.

There is an old article from Psychology Today I like, that really helped empower my feelings and methods of coping.

In spirit of that article I will share a few of my methods for dealing with society:

  1. Be aware of your sensitivity: Be vocal that you are sensitive, its okay to not like spaces and vibes.

  2. Know your capacity: If you can only handle 3 hours in a public place before the anxiety takes over, make that your limit. Drive your own car. Don’t let others pressure you into staying places where you don't want to be.

  3. Walk Away: Some time there are scenarios where you have no exit strategy. Find a corner, bathroom stall, or a place outside where you can sit to calm your nerves.

  4. Say No: Its okay to stay away from people, and places if you need time to bubble. Bubbling helps replenish that energy that people can drain from you.

  5. Call Bullshit: Some people will try to make you feel bad because they feel bad.  We all have issues and if people can't filter where they are putting their energy, you don't have to be bothered with it. Its okay to remove yourself from judgement, scrutiny and hostility.

  6. Detox: If you have triggers, step back from them for a while and clean out your system so you can replenish good vibes.

At the end of the day protecting your energy is vital to being productive and ambitious, so you know I’m on it.