PLS&TY - Motives

This is how PLS&TY explains his new release “Motives”, featuring Dutch producer GANZ (multiple releases on Dim Mak, and, just recently, on Nettwerk) and LA-based singer/songwriter Nevve (releases on Hexagon, Circus, Warner, Monstercat): “‘Motives’' is about one partner wanting so desperately to feel love, no matter how hard the fall or heartbreak, in spite of the other partner's lack of commitment. One person ultimately ends up the 'friend,' and the other the 'fool,' for developing true feelings amongst the partner's indifference. Yet, as genuine 'motives' always surface, I believe it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

Wow! Now who hasn’t been there? Even if you haven’t, this type of love is something that you’ve either dealt with personally, helped a loved one through, read in a book or watched in a movie. Simple as that! This electric pop song speaks to the lonely and broken hearted. Nevve sings, “I can see the hearts of the lonely. Come with me, I could use the company.” Well here I come girl! Like I said, we’ve all been there (or just me), but if you haven't, this song definitely takes you there. The chill but electronic beat is paired with soft exotic vocals, creating the perfect balance of an upbeat but sensual vibe, depicting the ups and downs of this rollercoaster called love.

“Motives” is PLS&TY’s follow-up release to “Rebel Love” (which went #1 on iTunes Electronic Charts & was later Remixed by Rusko).”

We can’t wait to see what PLS&TY has coming for us next in the future. Whatever it is, we can be sure to expect his “unique sound: languid bass, captivating vocals and enough upbeat melodies to make anybody feel good.”

Check him out!