Dirty Thoughts - Stars

Cue up “A Star Is Born” - Jay Z ft. J. Cole . . . Okay, is it playing? Good now we can start!

That was the song that I wanted to hear after over 48 hours of contraction and of course screaming at the top of my lungs. “Everyday a star is born / Clap for 'em, clap for 'em, clap for 'em / Hey” .

I wanted to hear that song because Hip Hop is life (duh!) but more importantly because stars are born everyday. Why not breath greatness into her from the start?

By now those of you who read my “monthly” post know me well enough to assume I am itching to come back from maternity leave lol. I don’t know how you ladies do it! I have been sneaking and checking my emails, trying to plot on my next move. I mean just picture me walking around the house with the baby strapped to me scheduling out CopyWrite business from my phone in one hand and the vacuum cleaner in the other Haaaaaaaa! I’m ridiculous.

So of course I’m writing this while she is taking a nap (there is no free time) and just staring at her little face, it was all worth it. Every sleepless night, every headache, every body ache, it was worth it to see her little smile while she sleeps.

Now for business. . . I’m clearly going to be a lot more busy these days grooming this lil sassy pants to take over the empire lol but until then I’m focusing in on young creatives who need resume and portfolio boosters that want to #SupportTheLocal

I’m talking about INTERNS & creative STARS! So this is the time to join the CW family. I have project stipends available, press privileges, college credits, teaching opportunities, training opportunities, publishing opportunities and more. My team will be taking over the creative scene this coming Fall. We want more for our city, our people, and our community. We do more and we don’t fold. We break the mold. We are not your average media company….but ya’ knew dat!

So if you want in (Photographers, videographers, journalist, graphic designers, bloggers, & creatives) Please Apply!


Now leave me alone for the next 2 weeks lol I will be back soon. Hatched & Snatched, with a big smile on my face, ready to go HARD!