Liza Jane - Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats (Official Video)

A few weeks ago we did a review on Liza Jane’s single, “Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats,” which we thought was a great song that would keep you having those ‘summer feels’ for just a little while longer. But since today marks the official first day of Fall (legit crying right now), I guess it’s time to wave goodbye to the summer memories and accept the Fall season....

SIKE! We don’t care ‘bout dat! Lol

We’re going to keep these summer feels going for as long as the weather permits. And if Liza Jane’s single gave us those feels, you know her music video was going to do the same. The video concept was dope. We loved the playground shots with all of the kids playing (which is something you rarely see anymore). Overall the video was fun!

And for all of you Fall fans, you’d still enjoy it because in a few shots of the video some of the colors are hues of dead leaves, you know, to really give off that fall vibe y’all love so much...but hey, I’m not hating on your preference of season *shrugs*.

Anywho, check out her video and yeah...Happy Fall :)