Fashion Friday - 4waukee Fashion show

The 4waukee Fashion show, sponsored by TAPN! This was a one of a kind event. A Fashion show and Concert all in one. Radaya was the genius behind it all. Cultivating the city through artistic talents. After the show, I sat with a few individuals for their perspective of the event and I would like to say; the love was REAL.

image1 (2).jpeg

“The event was well put together. I really enjoyed the essence of the fashion line up. FROM African Prints to naturally loving yourself, to urban wear. It just made so much sense.”

“I loved the line up of music and fashion. It wasn’t like a concert while the models walked. Everyone got the s$)t off. It was music performance and Fashion Show following after throughout the event.”

“Mannnnnnn Radaya and her team did their thang tonight. The host was killing, loved and performance, and the Fashion was poppin. We need more events like this.”

I believe this event was amazing and the folks I talked to loved the event and stayed after during the mix and mingle. Great job and Radaya has more up her sleeve.