Chloé - Outta My Face ( Feat. Chay Milan and Frances King)

Today's submission comes straight from one of our Chi-town neighbors, Chloé.

“Outta My Face” featuring Chay Milan and Frances King has that soft but punchy production that Chicago is known for. With wispy undertones, “the ladies pay homage to those summer vibes riding with your crew or a side piece in a cool ride”.

We love to hear the ladies come through with some witty bars & attitude! #WeSeeYou

As we break away from those summer nights (it just feels so far away *tear*) and get straight back to business, lets put this track in rotation!

Oh and yo... “Back up out of my face” lol


*Now Available on All Major Platforms *

Chloé - AirPlane Mode (Video Submission)

“I’m unforgiving” - Okay! Tell us how you really feel! Lol

Today’s submission is coming straight out of the Chi, from R&B artist Chloé.

The video ‘AirPlane Mode’ captures what happens when you leave your phone unattended around Bae.

Bloop! No good ever comes from that! Chloé, however, seems to be dealing with her heartbreak just fine, ignoring Derick as we speak!

So check out this video and make sure you don’t get put on 'AirPlane Mode'.

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