Dres - Countin’ Racks

We have been trying to get our money up all Summer while Dres is over here “Countin’ Racks”. Go figure!

Dres is back with a track that makes you want to get a lil money on some light work, slight work. Maybe twerk a lil bit. . . Ya know something like that. This song is lightweight, just enough bounce to make you hit repeat. Again, we think Dres has just enough cocky in his persona that comes off in his music that works for him. So go ahead and take a listen and let us know what you think. 


Dres - Do It Big

This new year Mr. “Urban And Arrogant” is back at it with his cocky music delivery. The Milwaukee artist, Dres, has become consistent with his release style and of course attitude. We actually got a chance to see him perform last year . . . he does what he wants. He def has a presence and boy oh boy does he make an impression. His song "Do It Big", is just that, an inflation of his ego. And whether you like it or not he is showing out unapologetically.

Listen to the track and let us know if Dres is talkin’ your language.


Dres - Bounce (Video Submission)

“I do what I want, yea I do what I want”.

Dres explains it best as he comes through with his most recent visuals for “Bounce”. The high energy, topsy-turvy video shows a solo Dres with his own flow, move, and attitude.

It throws out some conceited rap lyrics and plays into the classic marks of individuality and self-idolizing aesthetic that as a society we love to indulge in. Why? Because it gives you that Bounce!

(It also may make you dizzy lol)

Check out this video and let us know what you think in the comments below!