Shle Berry - Tampons (EP)

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If you missed Shle at our media sponsored event Music On The BLT (Beerline Trail), you missed a good moment. But no worries, you can still dive into her summer mood with her EP, Tampons that was released this May. 

Tampons throws fist punching flows, with Shle’s unapologetic banter. 

Our favorite song off the project is definitely ‘Trix’ with lines like, “I went and built myself a thrown. Don't need a seat at the table.” and “Look the d*ck is overrated you can suck on these lips”. 


Shle is for sure in her own lane when it comes to the music scene and we are just happy somebody has the “vag” big enough to stand on it.

Check out Tampons (EP) and let us know what you think. 


Oshi - Oshi (EP submission)


“Delivering Flow and Rhymes, Oshi's Self- entitled EP plans to be a staple in Millennial Hip-Hop for Women. With snappy punchlines over electric and up tempo tunes, this project is sure to place her on your music radar.”

Women in Hip-Hop have definitely been showing up and showing out lately, which is why we were geeked to do this review on Oshi and her latest self-entitled EP. This four track tape has a nice range of tempos and beats that’ll fit every mood, and has a dope feature from Milwaukee’s very own Sharrod “Pizzle” Sloans. Our favorite song on the EP is “Different Way”, this track has a nice sexy vibe that you can play in your car on a late night drive and just chill. Ya might wanna add it to ya playlist!

The new ladies of rap have something to prove and you better believe they’re gonna prove it. They did not come to play... so fellas, do yourself a favor and work with them! There’s not enough credit going around when it comes to paying women their respects. I would also love to see more collaboration with other women working together. But, hopefully with this new overdue expansion of women hip-hop artists, we’ll see more collective projects!


Jabee & Thelonious Martin - As it is in Heaven (EP re-release)

Not sure if we like the visuals but we like the #BARS.

Re-releasing their collaborative ep's "As it is in heaven", and slated to release  "Deliver Us from Evil" this late September, OKC's Jabee and Chicago native Thelonius Martin, have submitted the banter we may look forward to in the weeks to come.

Get you some Hip-Hop and enjoy the flow.

(Click iTunes link Here)




Your locals have been working. Joe Quinto wraps up the summer with his recently released project ‘CINEMASONIC’, a harmonious four-track EP, with features from Shle Berry, Jayne Joyce, and Genesis Renji.

Palatable rhymes, soft beats, and crisp deliveries. Joe Quinto has allowed us to consume the new wave of music quality coming out of the city.

Our favorite track:

X-Ray: For its song structure and vibey delivery. We Likeeeeee! (Lets add it to the CW Approved Playlist)

Some EP’s are just not a big enough sample, but this is a perfect blend to keep us on the lookout for more of Joe’s work. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Thane - Gravity [EP]

So we're starting to see a trend with some Milwaukee producers creating some amazing projects. This was no different for up and coming electronic producer Thane who has blown us away with his "Gravity" EP.

In the project, you can hear a heavy influence of alternative electronic, R&B as well as jazz, funk, and hip-hop. The three-track project takes us on a journey of love and loss while showcasing Thane's producing skills. 

Listen to the project below and wait on "Topia" to be released mid-August.