The Pop Up Shop Grand Opening (Mayfair Mall)


Women of color representing and innovating the community thru fashion, art, and sales !!! 

I intentionally parked on the opposite side of Mayfair Mall (Macy’s) to grasp the customer service experience throughout the entire mall, stopping in a few stores I was not greeted and received many scolding looks. (Man talk about uncomfortable!) 

As I approached the Pop Up Shop, directly across from the Barnes and Nobles; I felt a sense of energy bursting from the doorway. Seeing so many familiar faces and the 1st two people I see are Imani Ray and the owner from Classic Jewel, who both immediately embraced me. (Man talk about the love in the building!) At that moment I almost forgot I was in a mall! It was that pure energy customers love.

I received a shopping experience! They feed us, allowed everyone to take photos and purchase some merchandise that you feel good about buying. 

Bronzeville Collective was also present, and members from the community like David Bowen were also there #SupportingTheLocal buying things like the ‘Love Yourself’ T shirt. As a fashion lover and person who truly knows the pressure of hosting a good event, this was an amazing grand opening. 

I even got a chance to talk to 2 of the co owners of the Pop Up Shop and this is what they had to say: 

Imani Ray - Natural E Beautiful: 

After being released from her job the collective reached out to her for an opportunity to add her to the collective. 

CW: What does Love Yourself mean; it’s posted everywhere?

“The brand and clothing is a reminder to love themselves; the location is centered around affirmations.”

CW: What do you want to bring to this community

“I want people to experience the store; even without a purchase.”

Marie Carter the Classic Shoppe:

“Our people need to be represented in an area that necessarily not made for us.” 

CW: What does Love Yourself mean; it’s posted everywhere?

“Support and building up out communities; smiling and loving yourself and others help build that community and even stronger!”

And there you have it! What a success ladies, and be on the lookout for men being apart of this Pop Up Shop in the near future!


Fashion Fridays - Let's talk about #InstaMeetMKE

Uh-ohhhhhh, back again Milwaukee! Fall is approaching and so is FASHION! With a new season comes another InstaMeet. Last Sunday, CopyWrite Magazine assembled some of the best of the best when it comes to stylists, photographers, and models to come together and create art right here on our city’s streets. Hosted by Milwaukee’s own Vato (@vatomke) the InstaMeet featured on-the-spot styling, impromptu photo shoots, guest speakers and of course the chance to get your hands on an issue of CopyWrite Magazine!

Model: @_slim_slim Shot by @freakishnerd

Model: @_slim_slim
Shot by @freakishnerd

Events like this are important for us creatives because it encourages collaboration! There is no competition and egos are left at the door. My personal favorite thing about the InstaMeet is meeting other creatives who are passionate about their art, no matter what their avenue is. 

Model: @rubysol_shiningjewel Styled by: Shot by: @toplothedon

Model: @rubysol_shiningjewel
Styled by:
Shot by: @toplothedon

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came out and we look forward to seeing what heat you bring to the winter InstaMeet!


To find out more about events like this and for those coming in the future, keep your eyes peeled on CopyWrite Magazine (@copywritemag) and if you’d like to be a featured stylist, photographer, or a guest speaker at the next InstaMeet, contact us via email at

Until next time, 
Keep it fly, keep it local.


Fashion Friday - Poppin' At the Pop-Up

Happy Friday to our readers!

Listen, most of us had a short week thanks to the holiday and THAT means....ITS ALREADY FRIDAY!! Fashion Friday that is.

In case you missed it (I’m judging you lol) last weekend Copywrite sponsored a pop-up shop event where the style inclined members of our city were welcome to come shop with some local retailers and cop some dope merchandise. Also, you guys had a chance to come meet the minds behind Copywrite and a few featured artists from issue 12....not to mention you could have bought your copy! (Ok I’m done rubbing it in. Lol)


Say hello to Zhané who came through and walked away with these killer shades from Distinctive Designs by Tomira! Zhané said she felt like she could throw these glasses on and be out the door with the fierceness on overload. I dig em!
You guys can follow Zhané on Instagram @zhaneezy!

Special thanks to Miss Tomira for having us and letting me style with her clothing and fly accessories! You can check out her merchandise on Instagram by following @myddbt !

Until next time Milwaukee!


Fashion Friday with a twist...of honesty

Something Different!

Yoooooo! First off, let's give a shout out one time for the fact that its FRIDAY! Two times for the fact that it’s FASHION FRIDAY! 

I missed you guys last week and to be honest, I’ve been in a funk. Nothing too serious but self-doubt has been eating me up. I enjoy being fashionable because its an enhancement of who I am. I express myself through clothing as I am painfully shy. Lately, I have been questioning if I have what it takes to work side by side with some of the designers and stylists of Milwaukee who have inspired me. Do I have the potential to join the ranks of the very best?

Today, I would like to embrace the glow up! What would we say if given the chance to speak to our younger selves? I say to this 19-year-old Jacob to always believe in yourself no matter what. I would tell him that your path is not determined by what others expect from you. Always know that individuality is what sets you apart from the pack. 


I encourage you all to keep pushing towards what fulfills your spirit. Never let your current situation situate your future destination!

Love MKE,


Fashion Friday - Classic Man with @theclassicshoppe

Back at it again! I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July festivities but I got some more heat for you! 
This week I want to show some love to a local brand, The Classic Shoppe! This week, I was feeling myself in this dope t-shirt from @theclassicshoppe. Usually I have a tough time with getting the right fit with tees but they definitely got me together. Sporting their unisex “Notorious” shirt, I felt the 90s blood running through my body and as a 90s baby, that’s right up my alley!  


I reached out to The Classic Shoppe to get the scoop on what they’re about and who their audience is and they provided me this statement from their website, “So it all started when our founder was shopping in a popular contemporary store one day and an overwhelming sense of frustration set in. As she flipped through rack after rack, she became more and more fed up with not being able to find what she was looking for; not one thing represented her. She did not want to wear something with a band she never listened to or a face of someone that she really did not have that much in common with, just because the colors matched what was needed to complete an outfit. And when she did find a rare gem with a person or a quote with whom she could identify, it seemed like it was the same person or quote, just served up different ways. She began to wonder if the culture she loved and respected was truly appreciated or just being picked and pruned to fit into some trend. So she made her own trend, but in reality it was nothing she made and it is far from a trend. It all boils down to this: if we don't honor and preserve our culture, who will? Keep it classic. xoxo”


Its for the culture and I’m here for it! To join the movement and get your hands on some of their merch, you can visit to view all of their products ranging from fanny packs to hoodies! Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram @theclassicshoppe and use the hashtag #JoinTheMovement to show them how you rock the brand! Milwaukee, until next time!

#WCW Marie Carter of "The Classic Shoppe"

Keep it classic with this month’s #WCW Marie Carter the owner of “The Classic Shoppe”.

She’s an educator, a soon-to-be mommy, a business owner and did we mention she’s full of #BlackGirlMagic.


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marie decided to go to Tennessee State University after her earlier education in the suburbs. Her experience in the the HBCU taught her how to embrace and appreciate her culture but also was where she first saw Black kids taking pride in their education and handling their business. It gave her a sense of pride and made her want to inspire others to gain the same new found strength.


Marie has her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and went on to earn her Master's in Curriculum and Instruction concentrating in Reading. She’s currently teaching middle school in the heart of Milwaukee. Yes, this is part of her #BlackGirlMagic.


She started her company after realizing there was a need for this in the market. “She did not want to wear something with a band she never listened to or a face of someone that she really did not have that much in common with, just because the colors matched what was needed to complete an outfit. And when she did find a rare gem with a person or a quote with whom she could identify, it seemed like it was the same person or quote, just served up different ways.”

We all can relate to that.

The Classic Shoppe is her way of appreciating and putting her culture in the clothing she loves. Because like they said on their site:

“It all boils down to this: if we don't honor and preserve our culture, who will?”

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.18.14 PM.png

Shop The Classic Shoppe to support the culture. Find it on there site here or follow their social media to get the newest part of your wardrobe. FB: The Classic Shoppe IG: @theclassicshoppe

Sienna Jones: CW Featured Fashion Idol of the Day

Sleigh your winter fashion looks all season long with neutrals and of course our favorite, fur.

Our featured model and fashion idol, Sienna Jones is wearing a white turtleneck bodysuit with a golden bandage skirt. To add more fashion to the mix, she added a blazer cape with a fur scarf, and nude heels to set off the look that is perfect for any occasion.

We love her look.

**CW Tip** Add shear tights and boots when adapting this look for colder days. 

/CW Fashion

Photography by Dexter Williams Williams Photography


E-mail us at to get featured in our next Style of the Day.

Vatofied Experience Pop Up Fashion Show: Take One

Our Fashion Editor is back at it again. This time to take his Vatofied Experience to new levels. 

Displaying the fall must-haves with a touch of his personal style on his models. Vato's first Pop Up Fashion Show for his Vatofied Experience took to the streets of Mason and Water to serve up some on-the-street fashion.

Though the weather was gloomy; the support was not. Making Vato's vision become reality. 

Check out the Full Experience in the video captured by our CopyWrite shooter Mahdi Gransberry... 

& CopyWrite has heard a rumor that this is not the last one to come. Let us know what you think. 

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