Fashion Friday - Edessa’s School of Fashion (Fashion Extravaganza!!!)

Haute List: Follow the Future

This was a night to remember! The event was an open door event at the Merriment! Beautiful lighting and delightful cocktails with fashionable atmosphere. I must say I was pleased!

Walking to the registration table I was greeted by the infamous Lynn-Speller (Academic Dean and Lead Developer at Edessa School of Fashion) the star of it all. Upon entry, I was able to connect with many familiar faces. #SupportTheLocal

Sitting in the front row I got to see one of Milwaukee’s Musical Artist Lex Allen perform live. He seems to have injured himself the night before and came into the event with the Legendary Pink Crutch and Bandages, setting the scene in full fashionable essence just in time for the show. 

The Fashion Designer pieces were on point! (We need more of that here) and I’ve been asking to come to something that would “WOW’s” me. The Event DID JUST THAT! By the end of the show, we had time to meet and greet with the models and designers, networking at its best! I am happy CW got the opportunity to be present for such a great show. It keeps us inspired.

Keep inviting us to your fashion events, you never know, we might just invite you to be apart of our next fashion feature.



Fashion Friday - 4waukee Fashion show

The 4waukee Fashion show, sponsored by TAPN! This was a one of a kind event. A Fashion show and Concert all in one. Radaya was the genius behind it all. Cultivating the city through artistic talents. After the show, I sat with a few individuals for their perspective of the event and I would like to say; the love was REAL.

image1 (2).jpeg

“The event was well put together. I really enjoyed the essence of the fashion line up. FROM African Prints to naturally loving yourself, to urban wear. It just made so much sense.”

“I loved the line up of music and fashion. It wasn’t like a concert while the models walked. Everyone got the s$)t off. It was music performance and Fashion Show following after throughout the event.”

“Mannnnnnn Radaya and her team did their thang tonight. The host was killing, loved and performance, and the Fashion was poppin. We need more events like this.”

I believe this event was amazing and the folks I talked to loved the event and stayed after during the mix and mingle. Great job and Radaya has more up her sleeve. 


Fashion Friday - Like "our" style get your hands on our Fashion Editor Vato w/ Paid With Roots

Our Fashion Editor Vato is serving up style, and now he is available to work with you with his brand…

unnamed (5).png

"It all starts with a look,” a phrase Vato lives by when showcasing his styling skills on different people from diverse backgrounds. The ‘Vatofied Experience’ is a category of the bigger brand, Paid with Roots, where he offers style services and more for all. Vato teaches the importance of appearance, individuality and innovation; planning to enhance the lives of the world around us through the art of fashion. “




Paid With Roots Services include:





We are proud to have Vato on our team! He makes us all look good! #SupportTheLocal


Fashion Friday - Faux Flexin' (Issue 13 Winter Photo Shoot)

Find these winter looks in Issue 13 “Rebellion” of CopyWrite Magazine.

faux furs. faux jewels. natural glam. natural attitude.

Shot by: Sean Chris

In collaborations with Distinctive Designs By Tomira & J' Adornments

Have you heard?! Did you know?! That’s right, issue 13 of Copywrite Magazine just dropped January 15! The anticipation has been killing me and I am proud to say, with the final results, everyone involved in this issue has exceeded my expectations substantially. Thanks to every single individual who made this issue happen!

I must say, learning that I would be in charge of styling the winter photoshoot definitely had me a bit shaken up! This would be the first time I had done anything this major. These are models who take their image seriously, a photographer who will have his name on his work, and an editor-in-chief who has their heart throughout the project. Yikes! 
Walking in and meeting the models as they arrived reiterated that nervousness all over again. That is until something started to happen. My mind went on autopilot and I began doing what I would do at home as I’m headed out with friends, grabbing clothes! One of the things I am most thankful for is the level of comfortability everyone brought onset. Once first looks went on, it was lights, camera, action! During this time, I took the opportunity to set up looks for the second half. Now the fun part was putting together the looks without necessarily knowing who would be wearing what! I must say, I cannot imagine anybody in anything other than what they wore. To have that freedom and still knowing that I was trusted to make this shoot happen, really humbled me and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity!

Recently I have been battling myself on if this is something I want to continue and with the release of issue 13, I feel like it was a confirmation that I was and still AM doing the right thing.
Thank you to our wonderful models who brought our vision to life:  

And a special thank you to our photographer @seanchris for capturing everything through his lenses!