Joe Quinto - Out Of My Mind

Have you ever been in a relationship and wonder if it’s worth it? Maybe you feel like the relationship is becoming toxic for the both of you and you don’t see the benefit of being together anymore? Is that person starting to make you think, “well, maybe I’m trippin…?”. If you said yes, then you can relate to Joe Quinto’s song “Out Of My Mind” produced by Sean Sison. In this song, Joe is reflecting on his current relationship and is letting his girl know what he’s been thinking about their relationship lately and he’s realizing he has to go!

“‘Out Of My Mind’ has a laid-back vibe with a slightly aggressive undertone,” Joe said about his project, and we couldn’t agree more. You can really feel that hurt.

Shout out to Joe for the submission!





Your locals have been working. Joe Quinto wraps up the summer with his recently released project ‘CINEMASONIC’, a harmonious four-track EP, with features from Shle Berry, Jayne Joyce, and Genesis Renji.

Palatable rhymes, soft beats, and crisp deliveries. Joe Quinto has allowed us to consume the new wave of music quality coming out of the city.

Our favorite track:

X-Ray: For its song structure and vibey delivery. We Likeeeeee! (Lets add it to the CW Approved Playlist)

Some EP’s are just not a big enough sample, but this is a perfect blend to keep us on the lookout for more of Joe’s work. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Joe Quinto - Rehab

“Sike I’ll see your ass in hell”

Ha! Well, tell us how you really feel. Joe Quinto a long time “fan and follower of CopyWrite” (Thank you Joe) has dropped a new song that is giving us nostalgic Gym Class Heroes vibes and witty formulation of destructive traits. His song titled ‘ Rehab’ is “a juxtaposed track that ties a correlation between being in a toxic relationship and the effects of addiction”.

Unlike Amy, Joe is begging to go to Rehab, to get a real fix. With a more upbeat tempo, it takes what could be a sobby scenario and turns it into a POP structured reality.

With a little bit of addiction in all of us, this might just be the tune for you.

Listen and comment below and let us know if ‘Rehab’ is really the place for Joe Quinto to be.