King Cezar - On My Way

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“I’m on my way, sorry I’m late”...but better late than never. Today’s video submission comes from King Cezar with his first record of 2019, ‘“On My Way.” This track gives us a bold rockstar vibe with a heavy electric guitar presence.

“Diamonds come from the dirt. From the notorious drug and violence infested streets of Milwaukee, WI we find the epitome of a diamond...King Cezar. From the age of 9, music has always been an interest of the King but, demons consume us all. After a brief jail stint in 2009 the vicious MC started entering studios recording with local labels until building his own recording set up to focus on his elevation. This is only the beginning of a career with phenomenal potential, King Cezar continues to develop the sounds of the underground.”

King Cezar is very confident on this record. Like he says in the beginning of the song, “I heard pressure bursts pipes, it makes diamonds too,” he is definitely applying pressure with this one.


King Cezar - 'Its Better This Way' (Album Submission)

We have been waiting for you!

Where the hipster, conscious rappers, and overly thuggish have been poppin up at the social tempo of what Milwaukee music sounds like, there are other niche that we don't get enough submissions of and though they are not all our “stilo”, they are much needed give the full picture of what OUR music consist of.

With his debut album “It's Better This Way”, released on Kingz Circle Music Group, King Cezar is delivering trap vibes with wavy MKE undertones that are a fair reflection of new era hip-hop without the unnecessary obnoxious jack’n beats that have boxed in our greatness by  f*ck boys that can’t rap & are even worst at trapping (Yes, we said it but you were thinking it). *shrugs*

Out of the 9 track projects are favorite songs have to be ‘Broke Life’ (Prod. By Canis Major) & ‘Sometimes’ (Prod. By Big Joe) for the references and strategically choppy flows (in this case that's a good thing).

Our one criticism would be that their are not enough beat structure variety. Give us some dramatics, it will keep us focused!

This is a solid music submission and we can't wait to see how the city responds. Let us know if your vibing with it by hitting the heart below.


King Cezar - Pikachu (CezMix)

This is low-key Pokemon abuse! Lol Pikachu with the bong? Y'ALL DISRESPECTFUL!

But anyways, here we are with King Cezar flipping ego over the  Lil Baby and Drake hit "Yes Indeed" calling it “Pikachu” (CezMix). It’s catchy, plus duh the beat slaps. If you place close attention you may hear some references that make you say “ahhhhh haaaa”.

Listen here & hit those hearts bellow if you’re rocking with it.


King Cezar - Blue Coupe ft. Shogun Hua

“We might go yo Pato, and link up with your baby boo”.

LMAO, sometimes you catch a rhyme and have to pause the song.  #PAUSE

Only if you're from Milwaukee do you know how hilarious that is. Flex a little then!

Milwaukee Indie Artist King Cezar has sent us another one, this time featuring Shogun Hua over the Skeme & Young Thug track "Red Coupe". I must say we are entertained!

“Skkkkkkrrrttttt” Sound effects lit... And it has that bounce. Now I want a blue Coupe!

Check out this track and let us know if you rollin' with ‘Blue Coupe’ in the comments.


King Cezar - Elavate

The rise of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop culture is evident. and Milwaukee artist King Cezar raise the bar with this emotional cut, "Elevate."  The track produced by Taz Taylor emphasizes the importance of perception and dedication when overcoming obstacles.  King Cezar demonstrates with this hard-hitting release.  

Additional Vocals Provided by Fox 6 Milwaukee and Professional Baseball Player Jeremy Jeffress.

Check it out and let us know what you think!