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A word from our partners:

We at The Elements Podcast are honored to announce our new partnership with CopyWrite Mag. Through hard work and a commitment to Milwaukee's Hip Hop scene together we will be able to make big things happen for Hip Hop and for Milwaukee.

-DUB, Founder of The Elements: A Hip-Hop Podcast

As we continue to support the local we will now be vocal in our partnerships to further connections in our community and to bring light to the real bonds that have elevated the Urban creative scene in MKE. We are MKE Hip-Hop!


(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

As an active media outlet of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop and Creative scene, CopyWrite has been checking in on the progress of the event planning, contributors, and real local Hip-Hop community engagement since day one. With that being said, of course, we showed up to many of the scheduled events, sending out in-house staff, CW connects, “Shooters” and the other eyes that would prefer to stay anonymous (Check all your sources). 

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Hip-Hop Week MKE is Almost Here!

Hip-Hop Week MKE is right around the corner, and we want to make sure you have all the opportunities to get in on the action. Below you will find the official schedule of the events covering all the elements of Hip-Hop, including some unexpected attributes that are critical to making our community thrive. Make sure you tag us in on your social media fun for a chance to make it into our review of Hip-Hop Week.

Check out https://www.hiphopweekmke.com/ , for more details.


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MKE Hip-Hop Week 2018 Updates


Hey MKE! This week we were sent a few update flyers on the status of this years MKE Hip-Hop week. In the words of our "PR Person" Tiffany:

"I see they are talking that REAL hip-hop. I fux with this." Lol indeed.

Check out the info below and make sure you are in the mix for this groundbreaking experience. (We will keep you posted)

And don't forget to tell them CopyWrite sent you!