Von Alexander - I CANT DIE (Video Submission)

Today’s submission comes from the one and only Von Alexander. Von is no stranger to the game, and this is not his first project. His single “I Can’t Die” was just released this month along with a new music video titled after the project itself. This summer anthem takes you on a ride through the scenic areas of Milwaukee, while giving you that “living young and wild and free” type of energy. “I can’t die right now, man I’m too high off life” said Von Alexander, as he rode through the streets of the city in his red drop top with his friends.

“The song and music video titled “I Can’t Die” makes a bold claim and is easily anticipating to be the summer anthem for 2019. Following up his 2018 self titled project “Von Alexander”,  Von has developed his skillset as an artist appearing with a more matured flow and confident cadene on “I Can’t Die”.

“The music video “I Can’t Die”, which will be the first single from the project, takes place in Von’s hometown of Milwaukee. It’s significant to highlight where the video takes place because as much negativity that comes with being a black males raised in this region, Von highlights the positivity as he shouts on the record “in the dark trying to find the light..”

Watching Von find his is light through music and creativity is a positive image for anyone who’s searching for themselves. “Work hard, play less” (you know the rest). Keep growing and prospering Von, we’re keeping our eye on you!


Phif - Scary Hours (Video Submission)

Musically, Milwaukee is brewing up its own March Madness, and Phif’s new video ‘Scary Hours’ is first on the list. Phif is coming through with the neon lights and a purge-like atmosphere letting y’all know he didn’t come to play. The conversation he has in the beginning of the video with his boys, alludes to how quick he can take things from 0 to 100, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It seems like once he’s in mode, basically it’s over for you rappers lol. We appreciate Phif for revving up the fire for Milwaukee March Madness this month.


$killz - 4Eva Heartless Challenge (video submission)

When we say $killz literally went off, we mean it because he obviously wants all the smoke in his lyric video challenge, ‘4 Eva Heartless’, directed by TRDMRK! It’s a video that matches the rapid fire pace of $killz’s original flow. The video starts with a masked $killz that we later begin to know as a wordsmith. The screen is filled with a slow hail fire of words, to a blazing rapid fire flow with similes and metaphors that if your ears are too slow to listen, then maybe your eye might catch some of it. The clarity of the video was great too, it gave us a nice crisp feel. This is one challenge you don’t wanna miss, check it out!


#WeAreMKEHipHop - The Elements Podcast x CopyWrite Magazine


A word from our partners:

We at The Elements Podcast are honored to announce our new partnership with CopyWrite Mag. Through hard work and a commitment to Milwaukee's Hip Hop scene together we will be able to make big things happen for Hip Hop and for Milwaukee.

-DUB, Founder of The Elements: A Hip-Hop Podcast

As we continue to support the local we will now be vocal in our partnerships to further connections in our community and to bring light to the real bonds that have elevated the Urban creative scene in MKE. We are MKE Hip-Hop!


Chloé - Outta My Face ( Feat. Chay Milan and Frances King)

Today's submission comes straight from one of our Chi-town neighbors, Chloé.

“Outta My Face” featuring Chay Milan and Frances King has that soft but punchy production that Chicago is known for. With wispy undertones, “the ladies pay homage to those summer vibes riding with your crew or a side piece in a cool ride”.

We love to hear the ladies come through with some witty bars & attitude! #WeSeeYou

As we break away from those summer nights (it just feels so far away *tear*) and get straight back to business, lets put this track in rotation!

Oh and yo... “Back up out of my face” lol


*Now Available on All Major Platforms *

PressBite: Psychedelic Traphouse (Queen Tut's Release Party)

Psychedelic TrapHouse, this event added another level to what it is to love “Trap” music. Before entering the venue there was a handmade sign on the door that read, Queen Tut's Psychedelic TrapHouse release party. I definitely felt the "TrapHouse” vibe (though no trappers were actually around lol).  As I enter through the doors I was welcomed by two of Queens' close friends who held down the front end of the event. I was escorted in immediately like they had been awaiting my arrival, making me feel all special. Shout out to Queen! There were many familiar faces in the building and the lineup was amazing. Queen Tut’s release party shows her ability to bring out Milwaukee’s growing Urban Cultured community, which not all artist can do. She Shared the stage with other wonderful; Chakra Blu, Abby Jean, and Zed Zenko just to name a few. Not only did the showcase focus on her release but it also celebrated Queen Tut's birthday, and boy was she excited to share her cake that taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Yum! Being entertained and fed at a release party is a win to me. It was awesome.

CopyWrite would love to know what is next to come from Queen Tut. We shall be watching. 

Listen to the EP here. Leave a comment & let us know what you think.

SnapShot PressBite: The Function

CopyWrite was recently invited to “The Function”, a showcase by Rebel Nxtion, with headlining act Reggie Bonds hosting. As the music community in Milwaukee increases, so does the demand for showcase events. Reggie, in the hopes of building and branding on this, has set the tone for a Tuesday night outing of raw talent & varied styles of Hip-Hop. “The Function” brought in a different crowd than what we are used to seeing at most local events. This assorted crowd included clothing designers, videographers, trap rappers, conscious rappers, alternative artists, fashion bloggers, members of local entrepreneurial organizations and fans of all backgrounds...and we mean ALL.

“The Function” promised to be “Lit” with special appearances from a multitude of artist. Some of the feedback we received noted that the event was under promoted, and behind schedule, which left us craving more stage acts and less turn up. However, the night did featured local fashion brand High Rollers Club. This form of communal collaboration gives us hope that as one side of Urban Culture expands in the city, so will the other components. Rebel Nxtion’s expanding its showcase to feature another form of art and culture (fashion) is commendable.

Though the first event had its bumps, Reggie is not one to give up. Tonight, Tuesday 10/20/15, he will be hosting “The Function Reloaded”. This time we are to expect a more stacked list of appearances, including a few female MC’s on the bill, (something that was not included in the last). We hope it turns out to be a great night. If first you don't succeed, try try again...somebody has to.



Also we'll share some shots from CopyWrite's own Vato Vergara of the event.


Love & All Things Urban,