Dirty Thoughts - Check!

Do it with passion or not at all!

October has been crazy in all the right ways. . . remember how I said last months word was balance? Well this months word was clarity.

Things have really been starting clear themselves up and that “good stress” has been leaving me with opportunities that only action make possible.

So to where this month is too hectic to give a in-depth Dirty Thoughts, I’ll just do some soft stunting over here in my bubble.

Check this:

  • Interviewed a famous Artist and member of the Black Panther Party (Check! My father would be so proud.)

  • Sponsored and moderated a live interview with a Grammy award winner & label exec (Check! This is the moment I realized that I really have a cool job.)

  • Went back blonde (Check! Ya girl is back.)

  • Made ya look! (Check!!!!!!!!! Nope I haven’t fallen off yet! Thanks for asking lol)

So the reminder here is to do cool things because they make you feel alive, all the other things will fall into place. I have a contract to write up, a new hire to train…so ummmm gota go!

But How Chance would say it: “I’m Livin’ my best Life. Its my birthday...or least that's what I’m dressed like”. Or at least trying too!


October Special #WeSeeYou Sterling LeVelle "Cancer" ft. Ayanna Jahnee

In honor of Breast Cancer Awarness Month, we want to promote a track that crossed our path by artist Sterling Levelle (Milwaukee born/ Chicago raised). Its thematically relevant title and content is remanecent of the support we like to push in the fight for the cure. CopyWrite stands behind social awareness, good breast heath and the education on early detection.  To learn more visit cancer.org

The single, "Cancer" ft. Ayanna Jahnee produced by Wize, "honors his late mother's fight against breast cancer. Lavelle created this song as a way to inspire others going through similar situations",  says Lavelle's camp. This is one message we can not ignore. 

#WeSeeYou  @SterlingLavelle / @AyannaJahnee / @WizeTheProducer

We look forward to hearing more music from Sterling Lavelle who will be releasing a project entitled "Brainstorms and Blues" before the new year. 

Check out the Track & leave us a comment to let us know what you think.