Taiyamo Denku - Dusty Bar Stool (feat. aTHena & john doe)

Taiyamo Denku, have you heard his name before? I know I have! Month after month Denku submits a new track here at CW, and he hasn’t slowed up yet. “Dusty Bar Stool”, featuring aTHeNa and John Doe, is a Dcypha produced track with a heavy beat and hard rap lyrics that only the Cyphaden can create. Front man, Denku, comes in after the soft classical intro, spitting lyrics over the rap beat that follows. The beat, the flow and the deep raspy base in his voice almost takes you back to the old Busta Rhymes.

aTHeNa, the only female on the track, holds true to the strong and powerful name of the Greek Goddess herself. Her lyrics and execution are bold enough to stand their ground, as her clear voice glides over the beat with ease. “Athena, the Nashville native wordsmith, is always nice with the flow. If you’re unfamiliar with her, it is because she is a light switch with her music. She will push heavy, then you won’t hear from her for a while, then out of nowhere she drops a verse like she does on “Dusty Bar Stool”. aTHeNa, we need more from you. You’re too dope not to give us more”.

“John Doe, the other Milwaukee native emcee on the track, has a harmony based voice but knows how to drop hard bars with it as well, which is what the emcee does on this track to end it off nicely. This song is a bonus song featured on the "Riot Control " maxi single Denku & CyphaDen dropped on April 16th”.

Keep your eye out for these three, I’m sure they will be back here at CW soon enough.


Taiyamo Denku - Filthy (Ft. Genesis Renji)


90’s style hip hop cyphers seemed have been under wraps in this new day and age, as if it went into extinct under the new age hip hop and rap culture. Old school hip hop seemed to express a certain rawness and purity through the lyrics, rhymes and aggression from the rappers. This style of rap is not for the lighthearted nor amateur, which are two things that Taiyamo Denku and Genesis Renji are NOT. Taiyamo Denku’s track “Filthy”, featuring Genesis Renji, is a new bop that takes us back to this time. This track puts a spin on a “new age style production” with an old school rap beat and lyrical flow, unleashing the perfect mixture of pure passion, skill and authenticity that is rare for our time.

"CyphaDen Music Drops a new Gem this time bringing fellow Milwaukee artist Genesis Renji of House of Renji with him. Denku the Milwaukee Native emcee starts out with a heavy hard verse full of bars , lyrics and punchlines. Denku then boasts on the hook " Im Better than You" . Genesis then stylizes on the track with a good flow and delivery. Dcypha spins a new age style of production with his signature boom bap steez to make for a great one off single from Cypha den Music"

Taiyamo Denku spits his verses with a rough flow that delivers his lyrics with force. Similarly, Genesis Renji adds his own creative spin to the mix with his smooth flow and lyrical puns. This track definitely goes hard and it proves that pure hip hop still exists.


Taiyamo Denku - Still Waiting (ft. Benny The Butcher)

What are we waiting for?

Definitely not consistency Lol.

Taiyamo Denku is back, AGAIN. With his track ‘Still Waiting’ featuring Benny The Butcher. Emcees have been at societies head since we can remember and this track is no exception. With a smooth piano sample and some shots fired at the lack thereof active progressive change, the track pushes the comfort limits of hesitation on the subject. With the classic Denku, original hip-hop sound, this track whether you like it or not is making some valid points, we all might need to address.

Drop your thoughts below, let's start the conversation.


Taiyamo Denku - Fabulous Life ( Feat Lil Kim & The Genius )

Taiyamo Denku is back with his final single release ‘Fabulous Life’ before his project "No Industry Standard" drops later this month. With consistent thematics of hip-hop’s early origins and authenticity, he challenges new era practices with a critical lens.

“Yall ruined this hip-hop” he claims at only 1:00 minute in, and right before that we are pretty sure he took a shot at Lil Baby (which is pretty much fair game lol).

Mind you this track also features Lil Kim (Well ain't that something?) On her classic boastful, nasty girl getting money steez. The Genius out Boston is also featured, so yeah...there is a lot going on in hip hop, might as well add this to the ring!

I mean is this a low-key hybrid diss track about the new waves or hip-hop or are reading in to deep???

Still, this is indeed the Fabulous Life!

Check out this track and leave us a comment on it bellow!

(Actually we really want to know what you think of Lil Kim as a feature.)


Taiyamo Denku - Stand Back (Prod. by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts) *Video Submission*

We like visuals!

Taiyamo Denku, has sent us over a video called ‘Stand Back’( Prod. by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts, from his new album " No Industry Standard” slated to drop in June.

The layered movement of imagery post-industrial Milwaukee is quite appealing, where Taiyamo Denku, again addresses us in classic Emcee style.

Check out the visuals and leave us a comment in your thoughts below.


Taiyamo Denku - 'Enuff is Enuff'

We have to take the vibe a bit back...Remember when emcee’s actually had something to say? When they would stay on beat and the rhyme didn't have to rhyme as long as you felt the message? Nahhh? Too far back? Well, Taiyamo Denku is bringing us a little nostalgia with the classic boom-bap beat from Dcypha,  that reminds us of where the culture came from and well what some have to say about it now.

‘Enuff is Enuff’, is Taiyamo Denku reflection of those things that Hip-Hop has become, how society is pushing it and maybe a bit of truth of how it's not all that it's cracked up to be. So should we listen to our “Old Heads” or are they just making noise?

Leave a comment below and let us know.