Cleo Fox - 'Trippin' (VIDEO)

Eastside feels. Smoker vibes. Cleo Fox has come up with a smooth way to ask a girl if she is “Trippin”.  Even though she might be, Cleo seems unphased. Local visuals, and night views of some places you might recognize if your in the 414. He gives a little sample of what he is working on. Check out this video and let us know what you think.

Do you still want more Cleo Fox, or is he Trippin?


Cleo Fox - Lil Romeo (Freestyle)

Back with some more waves for you all to catch with us! This week we’re listening to Cleo Fox’s Lil’ Romeo Freestyle produced by PVT Joker. Honestly, the name sent me (that one intern) off for a minute. Lil’ Romeo? What? Why? Come to find out its three minutes of me being salty because I actually really vibe to this track! Fox’s flow is definitely consistent, and this was considered a teaser for PressPlayVol.2 his next project.

“See Cleo Fox, we do listen to your music submissions!” - Words from our Editor-in Chief (Lexi)

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

The Intern /Garahbrie

Reese - Good Sh*t ft. Cleo Fox (prod. More // Night)

Sometimes you have to listen to a song and let yourself feel the vibes.

In the song, "Good Sh*t" from artist Reese (formerly known as Ree$e), the uptempo dance track is both soulful and electric combining Reese's smooth melodies, Cleo Fox's quick-witted (and super steazy) rhymes over a More//Night production. The results.... an EDM track that even a hip-hop head will listen to. 

Peep the track below and let us know what you think of Reese's new sound. We dig it.

#WeSeeYou - Cleo Fox III - Tomorrow Is Today EP

Cleo has been working. 

The artist and engineer has been behind the scenes mixing and mastering for a group of artists and when he's not perfecting the sounds of others; he's jumping on the track and flowing to his own vibes.

As he debuts his new EP, "Tomorrow Is Today," Fox III introduces us to some new sounds and quick wordplay and we hear the growth of this artist and the quality of his work as he collaborates with artist and producer Mike Regal along with artist Tyso $upreme.

#WeSeeYou Cleo! Listen to the project below and let us know what you think. 

"They say tomorrow is not promised. I say tomorrow is today." - Cleo Fox III