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Interviews w/ Vee Adams, Von Alexander, Basia Rose, Spaidez, Chill Sweats, our Ex Fabula Features & more.


Fashion Friday - Like "our" style get your hands on our Fashion Editor Vato w/ Paid With Roots

Our Fashion Editor Vato is serving up style, and now he is available to work with you with his brand…

unnamed (5).png

"It all starts with a look,” a phrase Vato lives by when showcasing his styling skills on different people from diverse backgrounds. The ‘Vatofied Experience’ is a category of the bigger brand, Paid with Roots, where he offers style services and more for all. Vato teaches the importance of appearance, individuality and innovation; planning to enhance the lives of the world around us through the art of fashion. “




Paid With Roots Services include:





We are proud to have Vato on our team! He makes us all look good! #SupportTheLocal


(LAST) Fashion Friday of 2018!

Looks like we made it! Its the end of the week and the end of 2018!!
I gotta give thanks to CopyWrite Magazine and the readers who have given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on fashion. The ride has been fun and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store!

This week, I bring you a mood I was feeling in Chicago. Yours truly took his drip to the Windy City!
Deep shades of green paired with black gave my step the swagger I needed to let my presence be known. My favorite part of this look was the gold chain you see hanging across my jacket. That is literally a wallet chain that i clipped to each side of my coat to give it a regal appearance.
As always, keep it saucy Milwaukee and be safe this holiday weekend! Make sure you give look no matter where you go and if haters can’t take it, you’re doing a great job!

/Fly Guy (Jacob)


#WCW Rosha Brister

In honor of her birthday today, my #WCW goes to Rosha Brister.



Rosha Brister is the owner and founder of The Style Hub, an online style directory where you will be able to locate all of your local stylists in one place. Basically Rosha is dope and can connect you with the people that you need for all things fashion and style related. In addition, Rosha has been a continuous supporter and Head stylist of CopyWrite over the years helping to bring our fashion spreads to life all while just being an amazing woman to see grow.


This boss lady is creative, kind, has amazing locs and the most beautiful soul. I’ve been  very lucky to know her and super excited to see her impact on the Fashion community of Milwaukee. One of the things I’m really excited for is an event called, 'The Battle of Salons & Style Expo.” It’s an opportunity for stylists in hair, beauty and fashion to brand, expand, and showcase their expertise in the beauty, fashion & style industries all under one roof.

Click the image above to learn more and buy a ticket! You won’t want to miss this. #ImThePlug #ItsADopeEvent

I’m also excited about her newest initiative "MPowerment In Style" where The Style Hub along with RW Enterprises and Copywrite has teamed together to create something new for the community.  The goals of this initiative are to provide young adults with expertise in event management, business to business relations and knowledge within the style industry, while building confidence and cultivating a sense of community. The kick off to this initiative will start as early as 2019. And not only is this an opportunity I wish I had growing up but it also is something that could help move Milwaukee to become a more fashionable city. YESSSSS for The Style Hub.


All in all, Thank you Rosha.

CopyWrite appreciates everything you do and everything you create to make Milwaukee a more fashion forward and BETTER place.

Follow Rosha for fashion inspiration on Instagram @sheezylocsem and keep up with her brand on Instagram @_thestylehub or on Facebook @thestylehubmke

#WCW Rachel Vasquez

This year’s agenda for Rachel Vasquez: Continue to build her empire.


Our #WCW Rachel Vasquez is the owner of Fame Clothing line, Sheek 911 boutique, and the owner of Vasquez printing.

If that’s not enough for you, let’s add her other full time positions: Mom, Wife, Friend and self-proclaimed Queen of recreating jeans.


A woman with a lot of hustle and “Your Local Fashion Dealer” to say the least; she's been working.

Now normally I would go into a rant about how this boss lady is not stopping until she gets what she wants for herself, her family and the people she loves but I’ll let Rachel give us her perspective.

“Having a dream is about working late nights, sacrificing, and believing in yourself when no one else believes in you. In life there are workers and dreamers. I choose to be both. Taking my passion and making it my reality. Dreaming is not good enough if that's all you're doing, you have to take that dream and work until that dream gives you tunnel vision, until you want it as bad as you want to breathe. Started my dream back in 2012 with little to nothing in my bank account. It is now 2017 and I can see my growth in my work, growth is my mindset, growth in my sacrificing. 2017 is all about the revamping of my self. The next level up💪🏽 People see you working but they don't get to see the sacrifices you have to make every single day to get the lifestyle your family deserves. The work never ✋🏽 Stops, you never get to sleep 😴, your time is always taken.”  

We hear you Rachel.

Check out some items from her collections below to see some of her work. Then follow her and her organizations on IG: @Sheek911llc IG: @vasquez.collection17 FB: @Rachel Luis

Let us know who you want to see as our next #WCW in the comments.

All images owned and provided by Rachel Vasquez and her social accounts.

PS/CW: Personal Style with CopyWrite - Lexi's Weekend in Cali

PS/CW: Personal Style with CopyWrite

Not all looks are meant to turn heads and break hearts. Fashion can be transitional, functional, and simply a way to feel confident in your own skin living your life, and not keeping up with the Jones's.

Our Editor-in-Chief Lexi a.k.a Dirty, recently took a weekend trip to the Bay (San Francisco & Oakland to be exact). On her quick trip, she reflected on her personal style, crossing over from travel, business, artsy pass times, and of course exploring the city. Here are some snapshots of a few of her looks, reflecting style with purpose.


After shopping, packing and catching a flight to Cali and all while getting things CW approved, Lexi’s look shows she is ready for comfy Urban business handling; networking, running errands or meeting with people. In this photo, she’s styled her in an all-purpose outfit.


Suitcase Check List:

  • Black fitted bodysuit
  • Black/White Adidas kicks
  • Black hoodie
  • Embellished Army Fatigue jacket
  • Big sunglasses


The next outfit you see Lexi wearing was inspired by her blond hair, adjusting to weather changes and busy day. Here she is on Berkeley's campus after attending an Urban Design critique.  As you see she is prepared for the summer day with the black and white pinstripe romper & cover up. This definitely brings out her hair style (sassy new blonde). Lexi is ready to handle business in style.


Suitcase Check List:

  • Romper
  • Lightweight coverup
  • Fitted choker & chain
  • Tie up flats
  • Gold earrings
  • Large gold bracelet.


The last look is awesome & my personal favorite!

For Lexi’s day around downtown San Francisco, shopping, seeing art exhibits and visiting design studios, she wore an oversized blouse, paired with every girl must have, black leggings. Everyone loves this lazy look but Lexi made it look professional and stylish. With her heels, matching her choker and her purse, she gave her look a consistent pop that is played up by accessories.



Suitcase Check List:

  • Flowy button down dress shirt
  • Black leggings
  • Camel colored bootie Heels
  • Camel colored choker
  • Matching handbag

*As you can see black and white was the main colors pallet for this trip; this gave her lead way to adjust the outfits for the appropriate activity. Transitional looks keep you prepared for any environment.

You never know what may be on the agenda, but you always want to look good and be yourself doing it.



Outfit of the Week // Aja Janay

Aja has a sense of fashion like no other; she brings many styles of fashion together to create the ultimate look.

She gives me 70s/80s vibes (sexy yet classy but all around dope). 

Items you'll see:

High Slit Long Sleeve Dress in Ivory

Black Over the Knee Thigh High Boots

Gold Chain Choker

Check out her Instagram for styles @ajajanay

Photos by: Freakishnerd