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Genesis Renji is a very familiar name and face at CopyWrite, so you know we had to shout out his new track “The Woes,” featuring rap vet, Burgie Streetz, and up-and-coming star, Nile.

“Renji has promised a long summer and doesn’t seem to be letting up. The second single from the upcoming KEEFE album arrives on the heels of his last loosie Talk 2 Me. This time, Gen taps two of Milwaukee’s finest lyricists to join him. Three generations of Milwaukee rap.

On The Woes rising rap artist Nile and veteran Burgie Streetz help Renji paint the perspectives of being a product of your environment. The hook has an eerie chant of being robbed of more than jewelry. The verses from each emcee depict a dark reality that each lives individually but universally.”

KEEFE is scheduled for a September release, so make sure you stay on the lookout for that one this Fall! Can I get a ‘yeah yeah’ *Imitating Gen’s famous line lol*


GENESIS RENJI & ISHDARR - "WANNABE" *CopyWrite Partnership Post*

*info provided by House of Renji

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“Of all the rappers in Milwaukee, Genesis Renji may be the hardest to pin down” - Shepherd Express 

“Genesis Renji has really settled into his own lane as an artist.” - Breaking and Entering

Milwaukee based hip-hop artist Genesis Renji makes his 2019 return. After a trailblazing 2018 filled with career milestones. Performances at Summerfest supporting Amine, a sold-out halftime show for the Milwaukee Bucks, and an Emmy Nomination working with TMJ4. These accomplishments have doubled down on Renji’s solid foundation.

In celebration of his 27th birthday Genesis Renji releases his first song of 2019 “Wannabe” featuring IshDARR. The anthemic reflection from two of Milwaukee’s leading artists serves as the lead single from Renji’s upcoming ‘KEEFE’ album; Renji and IshDARR speak on the feelings and memories they’ve culminated while ascending the heights to their dreams, crossing unseen thresholds and achieving feats neither originally planned at younger ages. Produced by frequent collaborator Cade Zube of Oconomowoc and mixed by producer Canis Major.

Gen is gearing up for the release of his next project ‘KEEFE’, scheduled for a September release.

House of Renji Presents: The Life Is Lucid Tour *w/ CopyWrite Magazine*

CopyWrite Magazine will be serving as the Official Media of The Life is Lucid Tour! Follow us on all of our social media platforms (@copywritemag) for updates, images, and live streaming!


“The House of Renji specializes in working to make dreams a reality, and no one knows this more than Genesis Renji. 

Fresh off his release of the ‘Lucid’ EP, Gen is taking to the road for a quick run and bringing the project to life. Starting at RadioMilwaukee on April 18th to celebrate HOR’s 5 years in service, and ending in Cincinnati, OH. 

Featuring performances from label mate Emmitt James, upcoming talent Jayne Joyce, and Madison stars Lucien Parker and DJay Mando (by way of Minneapolis and MKE respectively) you’re bound to leave inspired and influenced to pursue your dreams.”



Mitch Allen ft. Genesis Renji - Go Off

Today’s music submission is from someone new on our radar, Mitch Allen. The 20-year-old from Lake Geneva is working smart, featuring one of our local Favorites Genesis Renji with his song ‘Go Off’. With a distinct voice and slow tempo beat selection (Mitch made the beat), his unorthodox sound might just be what some of you are looking for.

Favorite Line: “Making money moves, that's a Cardi B attack” (You know at CopyWrite we love Pop culture references)

Check out this track and let us know if your rockin' with it in the comments.


​Gen’s ShotGlass Review of MKE Film Fest

A shot glass is symbolic. It tells you what it is quickly and direct.

Since the MKE Film Festival has come to an end, we would like to reflect on the festivals take on the music/film mashup and just the greatness that the MKE Film Fest represents. Showing love to the Milwaukee film scene from every aspect possible.

As you all know a good music video can make (and sometimes) break a song.

So we asked are homie and CW Connect Genesis Renji of The House Of Renji to let us know his ShotGlass thoughts on The Milwaukee Music Video Show, "a celebration of the myriad art talent our community has to offer."

Read Gen's honest and lit descriptions of these videos then watch the videos and listen to some of songs below (if the video were unavailable).

& if you know Gen, he suggests you read these reviews in his voice. #OohYeaYea

1st Video – From The Drowning Dreamers Band - Frayed Bridge to Dying Star.

It had a dope acoustic vibes to it. The video itself was reminiscent to a Nat Geo documentary/ commercial for Earth’s hidden oases. Music is hypnotic, a growing trance.

2nd Video – “Roaming Empire” by Maritime.
Donuts. Reverse bubbles. Jamming at work. Boss yelling at you. Story of my life. This video had a 70’s Show vibe to it, especially with the solo car scene. The signature style was slow motion through real time speed. Long story, short: the Roaming Empire is oblivious to the worl

3rd Video – Trapper Schoepp’s “Settlin’ or Sleeping Around”.

First, coldest name I’ve ever heard in ever. Secondly, the songs sounds like a secret track to "Back To The Future"; it was one of the more cinematic feeling videos that showcased the duality of life.

4th Video - Rio Turbo “20/20 (Dashcam Remix)”. This is when DRIVE meets PBS on LSD. Electric soul sonics, paired with cuts of nature, the 50s and cells. Literal cells from science and shit. Ooh cheetah.


5th Video – Fox Face – “Teenage Wiccan” Scenic. Silhouettes. Fortune cards. Random cuts and twitches like animorphic book covers. Fingers put out fire from candle. Badass.

6th Video - Lorde Fredd33 “S.O.S”, mama there go that man again!!!! One of my favorite videos and songs. Conceptually dope; black yakuza. Hari-kari.

7th Video - Devil Met Contention’s "Used To Be" sounds like the Kill Bill 2 B Sides and looks like the best of Dancing With The Stars. If Uma Thurman made it to the wedding reception and didn't get murdered at the rehearsal, that’s this visual. Beautiful blend of western and Latin sounds and visual elements, especially the use of lighting.

8th Video - WC Tank "27th and National" is eerie as hell. Like if the Purge started a record label, this would be the first release. The slow motion shot of the skull faced skateboarder with the red cape is insane. Skateboarding devil. Upside down rain. Breakdown of song leads to visual evolution of edits and 360 camera flipping and rotated panning. Kelly Anderson got his shit off.

9th Video - Webster X’s "Lately", the grand design of Damien Blue and Cody LaPlant once again. This video is the like part 2 to Web’s “Doomsday” video. Some similar visual signatures, but the overall essence is a feeling of death and rebirth. The passing to forever.

10th Video - Direct Hit’s "Was It The Acid". Dude trips balls and sees dancing turkeys. Everyone becomes a turkey. Shot on Farwell. At the end of the video he is the rooster or turkey or whatever. I didn’t care for this.

11th Video - Group of the Altos "Coplights". This was edited like Tree Of Life. I’ve never wanted to understand a visual so much until I saw this. It's a collage of vintage photos and scenes mixed with modern memories and experiences. Great use of color for stage performance shot. Geologist. Typewriter. Domestic violence clip. VHS tapes. Campers. "Is this the past?". State Fair "is this the future?" "is this now?” Now read all of this backwards and that’s the video..

12th Video - Busdriver "Much". Dope ass song with a clean and simple visual. Straight shot with a seemingly vintage filter over the edit. It reminded me of Crooklyn. Shoutout Domo and Mykal with the cameos!!!

13th Video - Fabian James & Treyy G’s "See You". Nick Jonas ass video; Close-esque vibes. Shot like Nickelback’s "Hero" with the warehouse setting; the dancing and break dancing is so fire. Shot like an Apple/H&M commercial. Crazy dope, definitely one of my favorites from the night, don’t let the opening comments fool you.


14th Video - Serengeti "Doctor My Own Patience". Bad memories. Empty house. Disco in the dresser, though. Cray. Roller rink. This was the most interestingly edited video. Another 70’s Show-esque visual.




WC Tank – “27th and National” (USA / 2016 / Director: Kelly Michael Anderson)

Busdriver – “Much” (USA / 2015 / Director: Dan Peters)

Canopies – “Getting Older” (USA / 2015 / Director: Ryan Reeve)

Devil Met Contention – “Used to Be” (USA / 2016 / Directors: Jessica Farrell, Ehson Rad)

Direct Hit – “Was it the Acid?” (USA / 2016 / Directors: Bobby Ciraldo, Andrew Swant)

Fabian James & Treyy G – “See You” (USA / 2016 / Director: Quinn Hester)

Fox Face – “Teenage Wiccan” (USA / 2016 / Director: Mitch Rasque)

The Drowning Dreamers Band – “Frayed Bridge to Dying Star” (USA / 2016 / Director: Sean Kafer)

Group of the Altos – “Coplights” (USA / 2016 / Directors: Heather Hass, Shawn Stephany, Sean Williamson)

Lex Allen – “Cream & Sugar” (USA / 2015 / Director: Cody LaPlant)

Lorde Fredd33 – “SOS” (USA / 2016 / Director: Kiran Vee)

Maritime – “Roaming Empire” (USA / 2016 / Director: Erin Elders)

Rio Turbo – “20/20 (Dashcam Remix)” (USA / 2016 / Director: Dan Boville)

Serengeti – “Doctor My Own Patience” (USA / 2016 / Director: WC Tank)

Trapper Schoepp – “Settlin’ Or Sleepin’ Around” (USA / 2016 / Director: Caroline Jaecks)

Webster X – “Lately” (USA / 2015 / Directors: Cody LaPlant, Damien Blue, Sam Ahmed)

Genesis Renji "I Might Be Home" (Official Trailer)

He might be home...

Might??? Genesis Renji is back, with the teasers. Sucking us in for a project that is mouthwateringly fugazi, with much needed ego, plot and aura. 

Yuuuuup, CopyWrite has already been given a sneak preview of the project and can’t wait for its drop.

In the meantime get your fix with this trailer...& pray to the music GAWDS we leak it. (Your luck is slight.)

House of Renji - 'Young Casanova: LILY (An Interlude)' & 'And Then S H E Was Gone: The Same Love Story, Different Characters'

We’ve learned years ago that you never underestimate the House of Renji and with these “Ying and Yang” projects from both Genesis Renji and Emmitt James we’re remembering why.

While in different parts of the country, east coast resident Genesis Renji brings us his alter ego, Giovanni "Young" Casanova in 'Young Casanova: LILY (An Interlude)' where he tells his stories of women he meets on his departure.

Contrasted by his west coast resident and House-mate, Emmitt James with 'And Then S H E Was Gone: The Same Love Story, Different Characters' where he tells the story of trying to convince his latest crush that they should become a thing before it's too late.

These projects collide together creating not only an urge to listen to both projects but also a question of “What really happens at the end of these love stories?” Will happily wait for our answer if that means more tracks to come.

Until then, we know this won’t be the last time we hear from the House. Take a listen and tell us what you think below.