Klassik - RESTRAINT Feat Jay Anderson, Sistastrings & Lorde Fredd33

We are here for all of this!

MKE collaboration Gawds, you have done it again.

Klassik’s, "RESTRAINT" in combo with the artistry of  Lorde Fredd33, SistaStrings, and Jay Anderson, applies that musical tension that creates those pulsating moments that linger in your head once the track is over.

Its “An introspective offering that remains beautifully fluid throughout, this is certainly a track for your summer playlist.” (says the submission from Voodoo Honey. . .emmm hmmm agreed)

Check out this track and let us know if it will make it into your summer playlist!


Come Over Remix feat. B~Free & Klassik

Valentine's Day (or week) is not just for couples. It's meant for love. Love of self. Love of others. And if we have anything to do with it... Love for your locals.

And this is why, we need you to hear B~Free and Klassik's "Come Over," a new interpretation on the princess of R&B, Aaliyah's song. The track features the duo collaborating once again to mix their soulful voices into a story we've all have heard of or dealt with time and time again. The story of compromise, meet-ups and love; often starting with a visit. Or like PartyNextDoor said, ..."All she talkin' bout is come and see me for once / Come and see me for once / You don't ever come to me, you don't ever come to me." 

The six minute song, starts with a dramatic and a little lengthy introduction interchanging the artists cohesively while ending with a nod to Cherrelle - "Saturday Love." Combining B~Free's affectionate and caring voice with Klassik's quick wordplay and added metaphors, references to Aaliyah and his "playboy" ways; we can't get enough.

The track is an exclusive release from their affiliated local label - Voodoo Honey Records and mixed and mastered by Cristian Strehlow of Noh Life. So tons of local love.

Peep the track below and CopyWrite is accepting Valentine's gifts all week (Check our Society6 for things we love). #ShamelessPlug

Then listen to the original. RIP BabyGirl

Bang Bang - Blizz McFly Ft. KLASSIK x VINCENT vanGREAT (Produced By VINCENT vanGREAT)

"Lord Help 'Em!"

Looks like SAFS Crew is out for blood (again), we can't blame them. Listen to the track below produced by SAFS very own, Vincent VanGreat then reminis with the homies because you we're probably not shooting with them in the gym.