Kyndal J. - 'Fall'

Soulful songstress Kyndal J. is back at it again with ‘Fall’, a single that captures her signature vocals, relatable concepts, and jazzy backiings.

She reminds us how you can fall into the ways of others being, captivating a different sense of self we had yet to discover.

Give it a listen and comment below if you want to hear more from Kydal J.


AR Wesley - The Self Portrait PT 2

AR Wesley is an artist that continues to elevate and adapt his sound all while bringing home his life stories over a dope beat. 

To reflect back on Part One a little, AR pulled out components and perspectives to display who he is and what he symbolizes. In Part Two, he continued this journey. Giving us, what he says, "an in-depth look at [his] personal views pertaining to love, life, and circumstances."

Those circumstances led to several references, music samples and some dope featured artists. (Can you can peep the Craig Mack & Pharcyde reference?) 

Featured singers, Kyndal J., B~Free, Lex Allen and Cree Myles gave each song a new spin as we heard a new story be unraveled. And when you have amazing producers such as Mike Regal, B~Free (shout-out to the lady producers) and Ekstoluke in your corner; your project is indefinitely FIRE. 

But don't take our word for it. Listen to Pt. 2 and a little birdie might have told us Pt. 3 is in the works so let AR know how you feel in the comments. 

And if you haven't seen the video for "Here iGo" featuring Von Alexander, peep it below.

Rhythm Changes - "We Had No Choice"

Perfectly blended and ready for your Sunday morning; grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink) and listen to "We Had No Choice" by Rhythm Changes.

The jazz, neo-soul project is a small sample of what the band has to offer for the soul but well they "had no choice." While the project will give you all the feelings; we have to warn you, you just might fall in love with Kyndal J. scatting over the melodies and rhythms.

Listen below.

#WeSeeYou CAMB – "Ain't I Social?"

“One line from homeless. One hook from Mansions.“

No matter what path you have; we’ve all felt this way at one point of our lives. The crossroad between the struggle and “making it” is REAL.

CAMB (pronounced Cam) brings us his highly anticipated project “Ain’t I Social?” that speaks to the real in CAMB’s life from the things he knows to the things he dreams. Filled with a diverse range of production styles, some dope features and a lot of inspirational and melodic vibes, the album is definitely a product of love.

Listen to “Ain’t I Social?’ below on Soundcloud but you can also listen to the project from anywhere you listen to your music (TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify…).

#WeSeeYou CAMB

And if you didn't know, tell CAMB congrats on his baby girl. 

Kyndal J. - QUEEN ft. Camb

When you grow up what will you Be? Who will you Be? What will you create?

These are questions we've all asked ourselves and will continue to ask ourself as we navigate through our lives and as we create the person that we want to be.

In Kyndal J.'s newest single, "Queen" featuring the homie Camb, Kyndal speaks on her future daughters path to who she will be. That she will make her proud, to say the least, and that her parents will remind her everyday of her worth.

Produced by Hakeem Paragon, the soulful song mixed with a Kyndal's soft and sultry voice and Camb's mid-song verse brings together a beautiful vibe and a song for the books (and maybe a future lullaby for parents around the world).

Listen to the track below and read more about Kyndal J. and one of her biggest supporters (her mom) in Issue Six: Behind The Scenes here

Cool Tay - Can The Cool Be Loved ft. AR Wesley & Kyndal J

A collaboration done extremely well. 

Cool Tay's newest song, "Can The Cool Be Loved" is a beautifully produced and blended track that showcases not only the skills of Cool Tay, but the lyrics and vibes of AR Wesley and the sultry voice of Kyndal J. Produced by Mike Regal, the track is filled with energy and perfect timing blending the voices of the artists together to make one cohesive song and simply a dope ass track. (We see you, Regal.)

Peep the track below and let us know what you think. 

Kyndal J. - Ghetto Adolescents (prod. by Fasol)

Maybe its her strong voice, the profound message or the vibrant beat, but we can't stop listening (and humming) Kyndal J.'s newest song, "Ghetto Adolescents".

Her soulful vibe on the track reminds us of a good summer night when your windows are down and you drive through the city thinking about life and the wonders of it all. Super deep, right? 

Though the single is not connected to any approaching project; we'll just sit back and appreciate the track for what it is until next time we hear from Kyndal J.

Listen below.