Pizzle and his "Grand Design"

To refrain from starting out like all the other write ups on this project with all the blazay blahhhhhh blahhhhhh on how long awaited and anticipated ( Dammnn! I mentioned it anyway) this collection of tracks by Shar- , I mean Pizzle has released, I will grant you a few perspectives with an idiom and quote:

“In the GRAND scheme of things…” & “Nothing by chance, everything by DESIGN”

If you can interpret those quotes, then you are halfway there. “Grand Design”, has formulated its platform as Pizzle’s plot & position, of becoming the “one”.  As a super fast spitting, ego booming, often mentioned MC from the 414, Pizzle has triggered all of our inquisitive minds to see what he is really packing as a fully developed artist, with nothing but time to lose.

With plenty of time to let this concoction simmer Pizzle has presented a body of work that has a personality. Un like earlier projects, such as Insomnia II (even though very well received and executed), Grand Design finally reveals the content that listeners have been waiting for: Pizzle talking about Pizzle.

From learning how to write his first bars, conflicted emotions on poverty breaking down his family structure, with a mother in need and a father falling for the trap of systematic incarceration, plus his own profession of fear and love to his son(s), the content needs no wizardry of a fast tongue. But for those of you who like his speedy style & Manish behavior,  don't trip, he has combination of those too, paired with outstanding production (that elevate the projects potency) and some well rounded features ( Did you guys charge him for those?).

As the facade cracks, the respect for his talents and aspirations grow in his favor, and the more his arrogance of claiming his right to the “movements” thrown seems suitable. Through this project he reverberates the ideology of being someone Milwaukee will/does/can look up to. Putting his design on expo, for all the world to see, we can only hope that its functionality will prove him a worthy leader and not a sell out to his own grand scheme.

It's good a listen. Check it out and let us know what you think.

With all the shade, kudos, and congratulations due…

#WeSeeYou Pizzle & can't wait to see how your next chapter in life unfolds.

Love & All things Urban,


(Personal Analysis from Editor-in-Chief Lexi/“Dirty” S. Brunson)

D. Bridge - Drop It For Me (Feat. Pizzle & RahRah The Savage) [Prod. by Loco Los]

The first single from an upcoming collaborative project by D. Bridge and Loco Los, Drop It For Me, brings together a smooth upbeat tempo with verses that reminds us all about our favorite dancers jumping on the jet for a visit.

Listen to the track below and anticipate the new project coming soon.

Artwork by Justin Lewis.